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Here's a superb new casino uk slots game from NetEnt.

A variation poker game, Txs Holdem Pro online casino game is played on a felt green-topped card table with relaxing background music to simulate the experience of real live poker play.  It’s a game of skill where you decide what and when to gamble but don’t worry. You can learn by playing for fun if you’ve not played before. And if you like playing poker for real, you’ll love Txs Holdem Pro slots. If you love promo's don't forget to check out our Slot promotions.

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About the Developer

Founded in 1996, Swedish game developer, NetEnt, is licensed in Malta and since 2006 have grown in popularity to become one of the besk know slot developers in the world. Employing over 1000 people globally, they deliver premium content to many of the world’s most well-known online casino operators.

Txs Holdem Pro gameplay

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About the Game

Txs Holdem Pro slots uses the standard pack of 52 playing cards to randomly deal to two players.

You play the game against an unseen opponent and place bets according to the two cards you have in your hand and those that are displayed on the table during the game’s three rounds.

Your aim is to make the highest scoring 5-card poker hand using any combination of the two cards in your hand the five community cards displayed on the table.

Standard poker hand rankings are used.

How to play

Get started (Ante)

  • Select your chip size (1, 5 or 10).
  • Make a bet in the Ante.

First round (Call Flop)

  • Click Deal.
  • Based on your two cards:
  • Either, click Call to place a bet double the Ante on the Call Flop slot and display three community cards in the centre of the table
  • Or, click Fold to end the round, giving your Ante bet amount to your opponent

Second round (Bet Turn)

  • Based on your two cards and the three community cards:
  • Either, click Bet to place a bet equivalent to your Ante on the Bet Turn slot and display a fourth community card in the centre of the table
  • Or, click Check to pass on the Bet Turn and display the fourth community card on the table.

Third round (Bet River)

  • Based on your two cards and the four community cards:
  • Either, click Bet to place a bet equivalent to your Ante on the Bet River slot and display a fifth community card in the centre of the table
  • Or, click Check to pass on the Bet River and display the fifth community card on the table

End game (Win or Lose)

Once all five community cards are displayed both players’ cards are displayed and the player with the highest ranking combination wins. The winner doubles their bet as winnings are accumulated 1:1 for all wins. In the event of a tie, your bets are returned to you.

Txs Holdem Pro gameplay 2

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The Verdict

Txs Holdem Pro casino game is a slick introduction to the world of poker or an adjunct for the serious poker fan. You can play for fun or for money. It’s entirely up to you.

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