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Here's a superb new online slot sites from NetEnt. Anyone who’s anyone will tell you the same thing about Blackjack, that is popular for a reason and that reason is played out across the world with every passing second. Table games like Blackjack have existed for centuries and have stood the test of time due to their ability to create experiences that force players to compete with one another to win big. The simplistic nature of Blackjack is the reason why it is still played today in casinos everywhere.

Blackjack goes by many names, the most common of course being 21 as this signifies the number in which players must land on with their chosen hand to become victorious. Decks consist of 52 cards that are distrusted across a table of multiple players. The objective of this game is simple: beat the dealer and win the money, simple. The slot games version of this hit game is very much a homage to the events that play out in real time. You’ll come to see this in our review, but the work put in my NetEnt is second to none compared to that of other online table games out there in the market.

NetEnt quite clearly have set themselves a precedent thanks to the levels of professionalism that they are known for. They have clearly mapped out beforehand what they wanted to achieve here, and it goes to show. Now we know that Blackjack can be played in person, but players will want to see this online version for themselves. There is a certain nuance about this title that will leave a lasting impression to anyone that experiences it for themselves. It should be made illegal in all countries for people to not play this title for themselves, that’s the level of how great this is.

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About the Developer

In 1996 Net Entertainment was formed in Sweden as an offline casino operator, today NetEnt is one of the leading names in online gaming that now stretches worldwide. The ever-growing list of games that NetEnt have created have, if anything, inspired many other games within the market, this is something that is completely unheard of in modern day gaming, where re-inventing the wheel can be difficult when there is already a set path of creating a successful slot. Since its inception NetEnt have produced over a hundred titles, each with their own significant themes and experiences. These guys are tried and tested and have even stood the test of time itself, over a decade of entertainment and we’re sure there will be decades more to come. NetEnt: the dynasty of the online gaming industry.

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About the Game

Released in 2014 comes Blackjack from NetEnt. First and foremost, this game is so gorgeous to look at, the top down angle of the game board gives it a very signature feel that is eerily reminiscent of an actual blackjack table you might see somewhere like a Caesars Palace or a Treasure Island. Even if you haven't played blackjack before you won’t be able to look at this game and not be interested in what’s going on.

If this is your first experience in playing blackjack then don't worry, the simplicity of the game design and overall approach to providing as real of an experience can give even the slowest of novices a great starting point. That coupled with the fact that you can play this game both with and without real life money, allowing you to practice away in between possible paid games; practice makes perfect after all! This game is a thrill ride from start to finish, one of NetEnt’s more popular games and rightfully so. NetEnt’s reputation for creating digital casino games speaks for itself.

Blackjack allows the player to deal cards with the push of a button. In case you didn't know, blackjack is a very simple card game where everything is based on numbers — or in Blackjack’s

case: points. The payer must select a certain number of cards to reach the number 20, going past 20 will cause the earnings to drastically go down. Starting bets begin at £1 all the way up to £100. The more you bet on each round the better chances the player will have to increase their payout. Potential earnings are dependent on just how lucky you're feeling, as the next round just might be your round for some major earnings. One must get as close to the number 21 as possible but be careful at the same time, as going beyond equals losing instantly. Each colored chip represents a different amount, once again making the case that this game is more of a real-life sim than an online table game, here have another pat on the back, NetEnt you done good.

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The Verdict

What NetEnt have managed to do with this game is turn a somewhat dated theme on blackjack and turn it into their own beast. The theme of this game is only elevated by the dedication from its developers. The layout of the game is crisp — with the graphics also following suit at such a high quality — to the point that you feel like you are sitting in a legitimate casino. Not many games have the realism down to a tee quite like this one. Simulators like Blackjack have existed for quite a few years now and many of them are fun to play. Simulators that work well as a concept are ones that understand what makes them great in real life to begin with. NetEnt have clearly spent quite a few hours at the table before they decided to craft this title. Whether or not they were successful in their endeavours is a moot point, all that matters are that it led us to this moment in time where Blackjack now exists online as well as in person with no discord between the two. Play Blackjack today, and be sure to tell all your friends. 9/10. If you enjoyed Blackjack then you might also like Jack and the Beanstalk.