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Abra Kadabra! Kaboom! Here is The Great Albini, the greatest magician of the 19th century! The newest online casino slot game from Foxium, on Slots Baby casino. Meet Albini and his gorgeous assistant! The game’s intro sees Albini emerge from his limousine outside an exclusive venue.

In the 19th and the early 20th century magicians were extremely successful entertainers. The most famous was Harry Houdini, who was born in 1874 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary. He was an illusionist and stunt performer, known for his sensational escape acts. These included the famous vanishing elephant trick and the Chinese water torture cell.

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About the Game

Foxium has pulled another rabbit out of their hats! We loved the introduction to this game. To begin, Albini appears from a puff of purple smoke. The causes the audience to gasp in amazement and offer applause. As did we. We loved the look and feel of the character Albini. His lovely assistant is beautiful and extremely competent magician's assistant. As an opening to this exciting and captivating slots game, the intro works perfectly. This game offers lots of magical bonuses and features, enough to wave your wand at.

The Great Albini is a video slots game, featuring five reels and 25 win lines that you can play in an online casino. Visually, it is impressive, with the symbols floating over the Great Albini’s wooden stage. The magician himself stands at the side, watching the reels spin, and occasionally giving his wand a twirl.

We loved the gameplay, easy to use and extremely fun. The music is suitable for a Harry Potter film and goes well with the magical sounds within the game.

There are a number of higher value symbols on the reels, with the Great Albini himself being one of them. Others include Albini’s beautiful assistant, a knife thrower’s target, a canary and a magician’s set of cup and balls. Lower value symbols on the reels are related to playing cards, with J, Q, K, A and the number 10. There is no number 9 in this game. We loved the colours used to illustrate these symbols. The Ace is a ruby red and the King: a sapphire blue. The Queen is a mysterious purple, the Jack: an emerald green and the 10 is a golden orange.

These symbols and the higher ones float magically above Albini's stage. The wild symbol is literally the word ‘WILD’ written in big gold letters. The stage is a night-time backdrop with hand-painted, cardboard clouds. It is lit with old-fashioned lanterns, which hang from the rafters. The floor is made of varnished oak. The theatre reminded us of the famous Blackfriars playhouse of the early modern era.

When you win some free spins the fun really starts with this game. If the free spins symbol lands on reels two, three or four, then you’ll receive 12 free spins. You will also receive the Lily WILD feature. If Lily lands on reels two, three or four during your free spins, then she expands to fill the whole reel. The Lily WILD will then work as a wild symbol and double multiplier. Check it out today on Slots Baby! Yeah baby, yeah!

The Great Albini Gameplay

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About the Developer

The Great Albini arrives on your screens courtesy of Foxium. Foxium is an Estonian game development company based in Tallinn. They are a relatively new company, as they were only founded in 2015. However, they are an exciting new company. They have released a number of premium releases in their short existence. We are always intrigued to see what they are able to release next.

Foxium likes to build their games around interesting narratives and recognisable characters. The storylines in their games allow the players to become fully immersed in the exciting worlds that the games are set in. Whether the setting is a Miami nightclub or the deepest jungles on the banks of the River Amazon. The games are usually written using HTML5, so they can be played on any device, regardless of its size.

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The Verdict 

We loved The Great Albini’s exotic atmosphere and slick animation. It has extremely strong storylines and characters, The Great Albini is one of our favourite online slots games. This game is suitable for anyone who enjoys slots games or enjoys the mysterious art form of magic. If you’re looking for an engaging and enjoyable slot online game, The Great Albini is well worth your time. It has spectacular bonus features, charismatic characters and a gripping storyline. It will keep you coming back to it again and again. We know we have been! Click to play slot games.

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