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Star Stacks Review


Leander Games are taking us back to the classic fruit machine slot style with their latest work in 2020, Star Stacks. For a developer that often prides itself in all kinds of crazy themes and slot bonuses to do something like this, it’s a little out of the ordinary so we were super interested to see how the Argentinian team executed this.

And the answer is… quite well indeed. They couldn’t resist dropping a few bonus features in there which is out of character for this theme of the slot, but we are absolutely here for it as those bonuses help Star Stacks stand out from a very saturated theme.

Other than that, it’s pretty conventional with five reels and 50 paylines. There’s money to be won, though, so this is not one of the new video slots UK that we think should be missed out on.

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Star Stacks Slot Developers - Leander Games

Based in Buenos Aires, Leander Games are one of the staple online slot game developers. They’ve been putting out some of the best slots going since all the way back in their year of formation of 2008.

Leander Games are particularly popular for their graphic design and extravagant bonus rounds. When we look at some of their best spin to win slot games over the years, these things become clear. Here’s a few of them:

  • Zombie Rush
  • Reely Poker
  • Dragon Slot
  • Ways of Labyrinth
  • Moose Vamoose

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Star Stacks Slot Bonus


Playing Star Stacks - Expectations vs Reality

As is the nature of the theme of Star Stacks, the symbols are made up of all of the classic symbols that one would find on the classic Liberty Bell machine, invented by Charles Fey back in 1894. This was the first slot machine in history and the themes from it are still being used today, including in new online slots such as Leander Games’ Star Stacks.

These symbols include the classic BAR, 7, diamond, the Liberty Bell itself and all of the fruits. These all pay out different amounts when landed in combination with each other.

Star Stacks Slot Gameplay


Bonus Features and Free Spins in Star Stacks

Another symbol on offer here in Star Stacks is the Star Bonus Card. Landing three or more of these in combination is the key to unlock a cracking slot bonus, which is a separate game consisting of 10 Star Cards. You must select one of these cards which will give you a random prize. This random prize will be a multiplier of your original stake, and can go into big numbers so this is a pretty lucrative bonus, potentially.

Maybe we would have liked to have seen some free spins or something to that effect in Star Stacks, although maybe that would also be pushing our luck a bit as having just the one bonus feature is more than normal for slot games of this variety.

Last Notes on Star Stacks Online Slot - Hit or Miss?

Slot games that are based on the classic Liberty Bell slot of old are never going to be the most exciting slots as they focus on simplicity rather than extravagant bonus features etc. That being said, Leander Games have managed to sneak one bonus feature into Star Stacks for us, which we are grateful for, especially as this particular bonus feature has the potential to be quite lucrative.

Plus, old fashioned styled slots like this present a lovely feeling of nostalgia, and Leander Games have done well to capture this by presenting Star Stacks with some lovely graphics and smooth gameplay to boot.

So, now you just need to figure out where to play it. The home of new slots is UK online slots site Slots Baby, and that’s what we recommend as the site of choice when playing Star Stacks, or any of the other amazing new online slots on offer there.

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