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Here's a superb new online slot game from Microgaming called Thunderstruck 2. The almighty Thor swings his hammer at those he sees as enemies against the mythical isle of Asger. Many know of his tale as well as his plight into legend. The god of thunder has electrified audiences in recent Marvel movies as well as in other mediums. Merchandise sales are forever on the up with the sales of plush hammers being a contestant thanks to the god of thunder and the god of thunder alone. How often can one say that they have basked in the glow of being in the presence of Thor. If you’ve played the original Thunderstruck slot online games then you will have the pleasure of saying that you have shared a space with the god of thunder more than once. Microgaming is known to create lasting experiences that permeate throughout the screens they exist in. It can be difficult for game devs to create an experience that has this level of power. Thunderstruck was in instant success and is the reason why this sequel exists within the online slot stratosphere. Don't forget to look for some great UK slot bonuses before you start.

Thunderstruck 2 is possibly one of the best-themed slot games online that we have had the pleasure of experiencing for ourselves. We look at so many slots that have simple premises but many of them fall short in grabbing our attention. How often can you say that you’ve found yourself playing a game for hours on end with the fun never seems like it’s going to stop? In Thunderstruck 2 players will find themselves a new favourite slot to play, make no mistake about it. We know that it will take a little getting used to but once you give into intuition you will revel in a ground-breaking, electrifying slot that will take your breath away. Escapism in slots can be difficult if you aren’t all that engaged, this is an exception to that rule.

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Opening its doors in 1994, Microgaming is one of the most progressive game companies in the entire world. That's something that speaks for itself in Thunderstruck II online slot. After the release of their Viper software in 2002, the company saw itself sail to new heights to both players and their peers alike. Over the past 10 years, Microgaming has paid out more than 100 million in jackpots since its inception. Now that’s impressive. How many other big game companies can say the same thing? Microgaming over recent years have managed to set aside differences that could have influenced them in decisions that could directly affect them. You’ll never find a cash grab title here, all you’ll find is lasting experiences that will always leave a mark on every player that has the pleasure of witnessing these games first hand.

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If you happened to play an online slot by the name of Thunderstruck and found yourself itching for more than we have some good news for you. Microgaming: the online developers that have been instrumental in the industry in creating lasting experiences that last an entire lifetime, have finally created a much-anticipated sequel to Thunderstruck that plays to all the strengths of the first instalment with additional features that give a somewhat different experience to things. The appropriately titled Thunderstruck 2 is a 5-reel slot that with a lot of personality and flare. Like with the first instalment in the franchise, you can expect wilds, scatters, free games among added features that all push this sequel into the territory of a great follow-up to a pre-existing title.

With the sequel, you expect some level of difference from the base title and with Thunderstruck 2 you need only look at the graphics to see a difference. Granted the original Thunderstruck did release in 2003 but even then, the graphics were of a great quality with very little breaks in the design. There were a few snags in the first, but they seem to be almost completely changed in this title, all the benefit of the game. Like in the first Thunderstruck, there is a series of symbols that cascade across a table of pure lightning. Expect anything and everything related to Thor once again serving as the symbols, we find that briefly mentioning what to expect with the symbols is better than us just outright stating what they are. Personal experience trumps spoilers any day of the week. It goes without saying but different symbols will open different avenues for success depending on the symbol and how many are involved in the winning pay-line of a successful spin. Thunderstruck 2 can be played on a variety of different devices as well as via a multitude of different players no matter your entry level. That’s the thing with titles from Microgaming, they always seem to be universally adored by anyone and everyone, how many other companies can say that?

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Our Verdict on this Microgaming Slot Game

Thunderstruck 2 is in many ways a better version than the first which as we mentioned above is no easy feat. What Microgaming has managed to do is basically turn water into wine in the broadest of senses. Everything from design to gameplay is expanded upon to great effect in Thunderstruck 2. To catch lightning in a bottle is what many companies strive towards, but how many can say they come out successful in this? This slot is equal parts fun and equal parts excitement. You will wield the power of Thor the likes never saw before (didn’t mean to rhyme but hey we must be a poet and we didn’t know it!) To tame the wrath of a god and fight alongside him for an array of cash prizes is an achievement that is not shared with mere mortals. We think that it’s safe to say that you will become a legend yourself if you have managed to earn the favour of the god of thunder himself. That legend will grow tenfold if players can be successful in these endeavours. Now go, run these reels, cast down a beam of thunder with your new ally, and find yourself in the essence of legend with Thunderstruck 2. 9/10. If you enjoyed then you might also like Irish Eyes 2.