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Did you enjoy the slots game PopRocks? If so, you will be sure to enjoy this online slot game of Wildpops because there are strangely similar in their makeup whether accidentally or purposefully so. With Asian inspired features, there are some massive wins available in this high variance slots if you think you have the bottle for it.

It has already been a big success with gamers all around the world, but there are dragons involved so you will have to be brave if you want to play because there may be some flames if you get on the wrong side of them.

This is a brightly coloured slot which will grab your attention from the start and hold it for the duration of your game playing.

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About AvatarUX – The Pioneers Behind Wildpops Slot

We are always excited to see a new game from AvaterUX because they are not a brand we see a great deal from but they always provide us with something interesting. They have one mission only and they have always been this way.

They want to create games that inspire their gamers to return to playing and enjoy their time using the games they pay to play. Keeping players in mind with every single game that they create is always at the heart of the slots games development process at AvatarUX no matter which stage of the process.

Even the little details, like the colour and size of the text used in the games or for the gaming instructions, are chosen based on how they will help the players. Due to the connection to players, we are always looking forward to seeing what is next from this smaller games development company because they keep us on our toes!

Wild Pops Slot Bonus

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Playing Wildpops - Expectations vs Reality

AvatarUX released Wildpops in July 2020 and within the same month, it won a Top230 place in the SLotRank Charts as well as a Top 250 Silver Badge due to the huge response it had received from players around the world who instantly loved this slots game online.

This is a high volatility slot with an RTP of 96.8% and it has a hit frequency of 21.8. With a maximum available jackpot 17,707 coins, there is a substantial jackpot available for any player lucky enough to trigger this as they are playing.

Placing bets from as little as 20p up to a maximum of £50 per spin of the reel on this 5 reel, 486 payline video slots game. There are many bonus features in play here including the cascading wins feature, bonus game, multipliers, multiways 1024 paylines feature, wilds, random wilds, additional wilds, and changing reels.

Wild Pops Slot Gameplay

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Bonus Features and Free Spins in Wildpops

In this slot, free spins are known as extra lives although there is absolutely no difference. You can trigger these free spins by ensuring that the reels are all 7 rows high. Wilds and multipliers are in play as you are using this bonus feature.

The cascading wins features are known as pops in this slot, hence the name of the game. When you make a winning combination, the symbols involved pop and are replaced by new symbols to help you to make more winning alignments without having to pay to make more alignments.

Each winning symbol is replaced by two new symbols to increase the number of rows in play to help you to activate free spins in this slot of which you need 7 rows for. 7 pops will give you a x1 multiplier and will start the progressive Wildpops multiplier where there is no limit as long as your winning streak does not break!

Last Thoughts on Wildpops Online Slot - Hit or Miss?

We like this slot from AvatarUX although we do not hear a great deal from them in general but they have certainly done well with this slots game online. We like that there are so many free spins available and that they are so easy to trigger because you do not have to make any symbol alignment to trigger them but it is an odd way to trigger the free spins here which does confuse many players.

The actually popping of the winning symbols here is a fun feature and nicely links to the name of the game and we know that if you are a fan of PopRocks that you are going to be a massive fan of this slot game. But there are reservations here with the high volatility and the Asian inspired theme which seems a little off-theme, as you will soon discover.

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