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Arrr mateys welcome to Pirate Gold, an online slots game that takes place on the high seas, a slot that lets you live out all of your wildest fantasies! Developer Pragmatic Play just so happens to be the name behind this one, a developer that has plenty of experience in crafting slots that take you places — literally in this case! It does help to spin this slot dressed as a pirate, so grab your parrots, there’s gold to be won here, lads!

Pirate Gold is a 5 reel by 40 pay line sorts of the slot, one that is chocked full of cracking bonuses and everything in between! One should expect various jackpot prizes here too, not to mention a few additional bonuses that serve as treasure maps to exciting wins! Be sure to check out the rest of our review down below to learn more about this scurvy-ridden adventure!

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About the Pirate Gold Slot Developer, Pragmatic Play 

Pragmatic Play just so happens to be one of the most imaginative in the entire online gaming spectrum right now! Slots like Pirate Gold have more than proven themselves capable when compared to heavy competition from slots coming out of the Microgaming/NetEnt camp. These guys have a knack of crafting all-round experiences that only get better the more you spin them, trust us. 

There’s plenty of fantastic titles to pick and choose from out of the Pragmatic Play playbook! Some of their games have actually won awards if you can believe that, recognised by big institutions across the globe. Be sure to find the time to check out the slots down below if you want to keep the good times rolling — and make a hell of a lot of money too:

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About the Pirate Gold Slot Game/Bonus Features 

Are you prepared to throw your old life away to live out your new life as a pirate? This decision will not come lightly to a lot of folk, but to those that do answer the call, prepare yourselves… Pirate Gold is not for the faint of heart, an online slot machine that is as treacherous as Davy Jones’ locker! Pirate talk aside, Pirate Gold is a very well made game, one that showcases the sheer talent of Pragmatic Play right in front of you! 

To play Pirate Gold you must first provide an offering to the game, this can be done at the bottom of the screen using the arrow keys — hit the left one to decrease your bet, and the right one to increase it, once you are happy with your offering, hit spin! One can play this slot from as little as 40p a spin all the way up to £200, thus giving punters plenty of variation when it comes to how they want to play! 

Ever heard of the phrase ‘high risk, high reward’ before? Well, those spinning on the high amounts here will find themselves making a lot more money than those playing it safe on the lower bets. Spinning on £200 is not going to be for everyone — many of you out there play using budgets, we get that, but think about how much gold you can soak in if one of your high bets comes through for you… 

On the board here you’ll find plenty of symbols for you to match — around 10 or so. Every icon you see here will be related to the pirate theme at play here. To score and win cash here you will need to be matching icons in combinations of three or more, landing five on a pay line will reap more rewards albeit a lot harder to pull off. You will have a favourite symbol here once the crashing spins of this slot subside, that we promise you! 

The male and female pirates here are great hands if you care about making a fair bit of cash on the reels here. Matching five of these symbols will net you 12.5x your bet right there and then! Other symbols on the board include ships, parrots, treasure maps and telescopes amongst others. Every icon you see here will score differently depending on the symbol itself. 

We should mention that there are bonuses and promotions here too, hidden behind certain symbols (but keep it to yourself — dead men tell no tales and all that jazz… Wild icons are the most common of all bonuses found here. Wild symbols are represented by the various treasure chests you see all over the deck here. Matching wild symbols will cause the symbols on the reels to jump around all over the place. Match wilds and you’ll unlock scatters in the blink of an eye! 

Scatters that are unlocked through the wilds are rather sneaky in their own right too! Scatters here in Pirate Gold unlock free spins like in most other Pragmatic Play games! If you can successfully match as few as three compasses (the scatters symbol) you’ll earn around 10 free spins just like that. When activated free spins you’ll notice you are taken to an alternate screen where you are given a new challenges, succeed and you’ll apply multipliers to your scores! Play the Fluffy in Space slot game!

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The Verdict on the Pirate Gold Slot Machine

Pirate Gold from developer Pragmatic Play is a classy slot game that has all the bells and whistles on it! Newbies, this is the slot for you — the same goes for you veterans out there looking for a new slot to spin on. This pirate adventure has everything, great features, blistering graphics and exciting bet options! The pirate life is said to be freeing in a way, the same can be said about playing Pirate Gold, so what are you waiting for? Play now!