Beavis and Butthead

Summary of Beavis and Butthead Slots

Slot machine games can come in a wide variety of themes. This reality is one of the reasons as to why the gambling format has become so popular in recent years, with seemingly any theme imaginable being possible for the talented developers and designers who have been so important in this thriving industry.

TV and film often provides the inspiration for slot games and this is proven here as Beavis and Butthead, the iconic cartoon aired on MTV comes to the reels. A good humoured game as you would expect from this famous duo, Beavis and Butthead has 5 reels, 20 pay lines and some hilarious sound effects that will please fans of the legendary adult cartoon.

Beavis and Butthead logo

Blueprint Gaming - the pioneers behind Beavis and Butthead Top Slot

There can often be a lot of pressure of new casino slots game to developers to deliver great slot games and they are now amongst the most important brands in the gambling industry as a whole. There is extra pressure on them when they are commissioned to create to a slot game that references an iconic film or TV show, what with the fans expecting a high standard from anything that bears the name.

Blueprint Gaming were the developers dealt the challenge of creating a slot game that does Beavis and Butthead justice and they do so well, sticking to the vintage cartoon look that the TV series has. A sense of good humour and a helping of creativity has really paid off here. Perhaps the most important part of the development work done here by Blueprint is the fact that the game is readily available across al major platforms.

About Beavis and Butthead Casino Game

As eluded to above, Beavis and Butthead is available across all of mobile, tablet and desktop, making the iconic cartoon series’ slot game an accessible play for fans of the series and fans of online slots. The game doe snot have fancy graphics and this is perfect in so many ways, for the cartoon series relied on wavy, sketchy cartoon drawings that have become iconic over the years.

The 2 teenagers, Beavis and Butthead star in the game themselves and there are a few theme relevant icons, bonus features and more on offer in an intriguing slot game. You will also find some traditional symbols on the reels that act as the more low payers, with cards ranging in value from A to Jack.

Beavis and Butthead offers 20 pay lines across the 5 reels on display and betting starts at a very humble 10p and goes all the way up to a massive £500 per spin. This huge betting range means that the game is accessible for gamblers of all budgets which can surely only be a good thing.

Bonus Features & Free Spins in Beavis and Butthead

Beavis and Butthead is not short of features. The cult classic TV show gives no less than eight bonus features to work with in it’s slot game, that include free spins and theme relevant names Butt Flambé and the Don’t Be A Buzzkill Bonus.

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Last Notes on Beavis and Butthead

A classic TV show is depicted in style here. A must play for any fan of Beavis and Butthead. If you enjoyed this game why not also check out Amulet and the Charm Power bet slot?