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You’ve got to be in it to win it so enter the Lucky Keno lottery and you never know it really could be you! There’s a reason why countries across the world love a bit of lottery action, it’s a huge amount of fun, a nice relaxing play and when your luck is in the prizes are definitely heading your way. Check out our entire list of Online slot game now.

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We’re not talking Euro Millions jackpots or huge casino prizes here but we’re also not talking those kinds of odds, you don’t actually have to be that lucky to strike a win with Lucky Keno. Pus you don’t have to wait a week for those lucky balls to be picked, Lucky Keno is here for your lotto hit whenever you want it. If you love promo's, get the best Slots promotions today.

Lucky Keno Gameplay

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About the Game

Most people are familiar with the rules of lotteries and Keno is a really easy game to play. All you have to do is pick your numbers and cross your fingers they will be the lucky ones. You can choose any amount of numbers from 1-15 with the prizes varying depending on how many numbers you choose to play with. For example, if you only choose one number the odds might be 3-1 so your payout won’t be huge but if you choose ten numbers you can win a prize just for getting five of those and a pretty big reward if you match ten.

In a Lucky Keno draw 20 numbers between 1 and 80 will be chosen at random and you’ll be shown the results and if they match the numbers you picked on your ticket. If they do, you’re in luck and a Keno prize is yours. More so than with other online casino games, like slots and card games, Lucky Keno really is the luck of the draw. There’s not much strategy or skill in it but that’s half the fun, knowing it’s a case of crossing your fingers and hoping the lotto gods are shining on you.

While you can’t influence the outcome in online lotteries, no matter how lucky you think your numbers are, or how significant those birthday dates, you can try and get the best odds possible on your gamble. Returns will vary on how many numbers you pick so keep your eye out for any combinations that offer you higher returns.

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The Verdict

Lucky Keno might not be for some people, if you want more involvement in winning, or more strategy in your game playing, you might be better sticking with online slots or online card games. But if you fancy a punt, want to give your lucky numbers a run out or just want a relaxing flutter give Lucky Keno a spin. It’s always a thrill waiting to see whether your numbers are up and your luck is in and the best thing is you can do it all from the comfort of your home with a cup of tea and packet of biscuits for company. Nice. If you enjoyed Lucky Keno then you might also like Scratch Emperors Garden!