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The world of new slots online and casinos is one that is alive and well. There are so many different casino sites out there offering all kinds of different sign up bonus offers, that it’s hard to decide once and for all which casino to choose. With the likes of slots, bingo, poker and more being available to be played online right now, there’s a whole world of fun waiting to be had. And that fun is drastically enhanced by the introduction of the likes of welcome promotions and bonus features.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of casino sites approved by the UK Gambling Commission, offering promotions  packages to attempt to bring in new players, some of them requiring a deposit, and others allowing players to play for free. Free spins no deposit slots is one of those options, and is the type of bonus that of course has its benefits, but does come at a cost sometimes.

In the olden days, before there was so much bonus competition in the casino world, we used to simply sign up with an online casino, or even a classic brick and mortar casino, and simply place a deposit before playing the games and that being that. We could play bingo in the bingo hall or slots at the reels. Now, this is never the case, and in fact it would be kind of crazy for new players to sign up with a deposit and not walk away without some kind of welcome bonus.

It’s worth having an understanding of all of the different types of welcome bonus options that online casino sites offer, and today we are going to focus on the crazy world of free spins no deposit slots. It’s important to get the best welcome bonus that’s right for you whether it’s slots or bingo that is your cup of tea, and this article will attempt to shed a little light on what that could be.

Offers and bonuses are now at the forefront of online casino so making the most of them is key to playing the system. One bonus at one casino is likely to be completely different to a bonus at another casino. Plus, there are tonnes of different bonus types, so let us break it down for you.

£10 Deposit for Casino Games

What are Free Spins No Deposit Slots?

At face value, offering free spins to players with no deposit seems like a bit of a no brainer. Free spins are, of course, a wonderful thing, as they allow us to play our favourite slots for free. That being said, free spins can refer to other casino games too, and while there are not technically ‘spins’ available in other forms of online casino, such as bingo, blackjack or roulette (even though the table technically does spin here), you can get hold of free goes at these too,

Free spins often refer to the bonus spins that players get within the slots, bingo or other themselves, so to be clear, this is not what we’re referring to in this article right now. We always recommend playing slot online games that does have free spins within it, so we’ll touch on that a little later on, but the free spins referred to in the term ‘free spins no deposit slots’ is generally handed to new players upon signing up to casino sites.

The problem with free spins no deposit slots or bingo, however, is that wagering requirements often come further down the line. The terms and conditions of these slots can often be a little sneaky in the sense that you may be able to access free spins with no deposit at the start, but once you go to cash out your winnings, you will find yourself having to play through them a whole bunch of times before you have access to your real money winnings.

For this reason, it’s really important to make sure that you read the terms and conditions, even if they are tucked away in the far corner of the website where nobody goes as they have a tendency to be. When real money is at stake, terms and conditions are more important than ever. A bonus can look amazing at face value, but sometimes said bonus can be a little bit ruined by the conditions that come alongside it. Sometimes, the bonus that is more transparent is the better one.

Are No Deposit Slots Worth it?

There are two types of no deposit slots available to players. One of these is presented by casino sites, developer sites or blogs that allow players to play casino games without any real money being involved at all. This is simply for players to try out the game before playing, which is particularly useful for slot games as there is often a tonne of variation in the quality of the game experience.

For new players at casino sites, perhaps the more popular form of no deposit slot games is free spins no deposit ones. Long story short - yes, they’re worth it at face value, but once again, we cannot stress enough that it is really worth making 100% sure that you do not need to play through your winnings a whole bunch of times because this is a very popular method of casino sites clawing back their money and can result in new players being left with nothing.

No deposit slots’ biggest downfall is that it is probably one of the only forms of online slot promotions that stop you from being able to float around and take advantage of loads of different bonus offers. If you have to play through your winnings multiple times, then you are seriously tied in both time-wise and money-wise which means that you will simply not be able to go to another site and be able to take advantage of the promotions or bonus offers available there instead.

With deposit offers, where you actually need to put down a deposit but do not have to play through earnings over and over, this is not the case. So, if you do have a few tenners lying around in your bank account then maybe you could have a little fun with signing up to a few different sites and reaping the benefits of all the different types of promotions there.

Proceed with caution though. This can be a little risky as it becomes increasingly difficult to be able to keep control of all of the accounts that you have. As well as this, there is always a possibility that you miss the terms and conditions at one of these casino sites and end up stuck in a vicious cycle of playing through your winnings.

Can I Make Real Money with Free Spins?

Actually, the better way to make money with free spins is, interestingly, to take advantage of a welcome offer or bonus from a casino site that does require a deposit. Hear us out…

By putting a deposit down on a casino site, that casino site has instantly made some money from you. This means that as a customer, you have kind of satisfied their criteria. For this reason, they are less likely to put up other kinds of dodgy terms and conditions that will restrict you from being able to cash out real money so easily. Often, this is in the form of playing through your winnings a whole bunch of times.

Offering free spins with a deposit is a bit more of a legitimate way to do business in that respect and overall, the players such as us will have a better time with that. Often the deposit required is usually no more than about £10, which is not a huge amount of skin off the back of the player when considering how much aggro will be saved later down the line, leaving players feeling like they just wish they had put a deposit down in the first place.

There are a few different ways in which casinos sites will offer up these free spins after new players have placed a deposit. One of the most popular ways is that after registering an account and placing your first deposit, you will be able to get a random prize. Sometimes, this can be achieved by spinning a virtual wheel which will have all kinds of prizes, varying in quality.

Some of these can be huge hits, such as 500 free spins to play on quite possibly the best online slot game of all time, Starburst. Other times, the number of free spins can be a lot smaller or you can end up with nothing at all, which is the risk that has to be taken with these types of sites and promotions. That being said, you will still get to keep hold of whatever deposit you put down in the first place so if you have a little more luck on the slots than you did on the signup, there is always a chance that you might be able to win some of that money back.

Another way to get free spins with your first deposit is through a set prize. This can be to the tune of free spins, cash prizes or other random things like Amazon vouchers. Some of these ain’t much, but when you consider that they are effectively for free, as you get to keep your deposit and use it on the slots and bingo, then you already on the front foot. If you have a little luck with the games at this point and win some cash back as well, then you are really going to be laughing.

The second option is not quite as exciting of course, but it does eliminate the risk of walking away without a prize despite putting down a deposit. At the same time, your deposit will not go towards a massive prize like those that are available with randomly selected deposit prizes, so it’s up to you as a player and as a person to decide which kind of route you would prefer to take on something like this.

Are Demo Slots the Same as Free Spins?

As we mentioned before, demo slots are actually a little different to free spins no deposit slots. Demo slots tend to have no real money at play and, while you can still set a stake and spin the reels, it is all cosmetic and will not actually land you real money.

Demo slots aren’t promotions. That is the bottom line here. They are simply a way to show players what the product looks like - try before you buy, if you will. Sure, it’s a great thing, but differs from promotions in the sense that there is not going to be any real money involved here.

These demo slots are mainly for new players to check out a slot game before playing it for real cash, which is actually a really nice thing, especially if you are unsure as to whether you are going to like a particular slot or not. In a world of online slots that is so saturated, it is hard to know which ones are going to be good or which ones are going to be a little shabby so having the ability to be able to check out a slot before playing it for real money is a wonderful thing.

Demos aren’t restricted to just slots by any means, either. You can now find access to demos for all kinds of different casino games, ranging from bingo to blackjack to poker or to roulette. If you haven’t played bingo or other casino games online before either, we recommend trying out some demos for it as with powerhouse developers such as Microgaming bingo games online, there is a lot of great quality right there waiting to be accessed by the players.

No Deposit Offers in 2020

If you manage to find a no deposit offer or two, the best place to start is by finding out exactly how many free spins are on offer from that site. Some sites will offer promotions of 10 free spins to new customer, some will offer 50, some will offer even more than that but do remember, the higher the number of free spins on offer, the more likely it will be the case that you need to play through your deposit a whole bunch of times to cash out.

Promotions involving no deposits are sometimes the most risky of online casino promotions for a number of crucial reasons. These are extremely important to understand when checking out which promotions to play with on the internet so we will touch on those issues throughout. Fear not -  we’re not trying to rule out bingo or slots promotions altogether, just weighing up the pros and cons of each one.

Slots with Free Spins that are Worth Playing

As mentioned before, we think that the best way to enjoy free spins promotions, whether it be from a no deposit offer or a deposit required one, is a slot game that actually does offer free spins within it. It makes it a whole bunch more fun to play, and of course can put you in a position whereby you can be winning more money than you might do in a regular slot game.

It’s important to remember that this is never going to be guaranteed, as is the nature with online gambling, especially considering the fact that slot games that offer free spins in a slot game can have an impact on other areas of the slot.

Free spins within the slot games themselves aren’t promotions as such, more in-game bonus features. But remember that in slot games, or sometimes in bingo, each game has a fixed RTP. This means that even if there are bonus features, there is likely going to be some way within the game that brings down the value so that the bonus can look glamorous without the game itself losing money.

The dealer, or the game itself, in both slots and bingo, is going to have a set advantage. It’s basically the flip side of the RTP. So, if a slot or bingo game has an RTP of 96%, which is the average in slots, then the dealer advantage is going to be to the tune of 4%. Now, if that slot offers tonnes of bonus free spins, then it is likely that the value of the symbols within the base game is going to be compromised because of that.

As a result of this, games that are much more simple and less bonus heavy are likely to have higher paying symbols, and these are often the games that have a lower variance than a slot or bingo game packed with bonus features.

Free spins within slot games sometimes come with tonnes of other bonuses attached to them, such as multipliers or sticky wilds, which are a wonderful thing but again, can have an impact on the hit rate of the slot or the value of the symbols.

Free Spin Games to Play

Anyhow… the slots. First and foremost, we recommend playing Samurai Split, which according to our studies, offers the largest amount of free spins of any slot game in the entire world. That number is an absolutely eye-watering 480. Naturally, that’s going to be a bit of hard work to get your hands on but when you consider the magnitude of that free spins offer, it has to be worth a play even if just for the novelty of it more than anything else.

Another slot game with a really nice amount of free spins on offer is Starburst, often argued to be the best slot game of all time. It has gotten quite the cult status over the years for this, and its free spins bonus game comes with all kinds of multipliers and other bonuses attached to it.

Finally, we really love Eyecon’s amazing Fluffy Favourites. The Australian team are famous for their absurd yet cartoon-like and cute themes, and the Fluffy saga is no exception to that. Fluffy Favourites is the pick of the bunch and offers free spins that come with all kinds of rewards, and can be very lucrative as well as enjoyable in the sense of the gameplay.

On a side note, we would like to also recommend a game outside the world of slots, and that is Microgaming’s really quite excellent Bingo. Microgaming Bingo is one of the most luxurious online bingo experiences you can possibly enjoy. While you may not have ever thought about playing bingo online before, we think this is a bit of a wasted opportunity for a lot of people as we can assure you that it is a lot more fun than a lot of people have realised to this date.

Terms & Conditions to Bare in Mind with No Deposit Offers

One of the most annoying things about free spins no deposit slots is the fact that after signing up, you will only have a set amount of time to be able to use those free spins. Often, this amount is 7 days. If you think about it, 7 days is a really short amount of time to be able to go through your free spins, and this sense of urgency installed into new players is only going to cause some kind of stress within them.

That being said, if you are the kind of punter who likes to plough through the spins then maybe 7 day expiry does not seem like such a short amount of time. Plus, not all online casino sites are as restrictive with 7 days. At the end of the day, it’s something to bare in mind more than anything.

Wagering requirements is another aspect of online casino terms and conditions that is important to consider. Sure, the whole concept that is fundamental to the notion of no deposit promotions is the fact that at first glance, there are no wagering requirements at all. However, when you get underneath the surface of these promotions then you will realise that there are in fact wagering requirements.

Sometimes, you will need to play through your winnings that you have earned from a no deposit promotions bonus up to 20 or more times, which means that there is a very good chance that any real money won here will never see the light of day, and never make its way into your bank account.

Sure, it’s a lot of fun to be playing the games in the first place and nice that you got to access those free spins but when you go to cash out and are unable to then it kind of feels like the point has been slightly missed. This is especially true when technically, you can float around from casino site to casino site and take advantage of tonnes of promotions. However, if you are locked in to the fact that you need to play through your earnings a whole bunch of times then all of a sudden, this is sadly no longer possible.

Remember, if you ever get confused about terms and conditions then you have two options to consider to find out more information on them, from any site. You can either contact customer support for the site itself, or you can reach out to the customer support centre for the UK Gambling Commission themselves, who are likely to be able to shed some more light on things.

These guys are there to protect the consumer, and can advise on all kinds of offer, welcome bonus, free spins etc. so make sure to reach out to them if you are ever unsure of anything gambling related, especially to the new players out there.

Last Thoughts on Free Spins Slots without Deposit

So, there you have it. A little run-through of the world of free spins no deposit slot games and what that entails. At face value, it looks like the best thing since sliced bread but once you read a little deeper it may not be exactly as it seems. For this reason, you really will have to check out the terms of these offers but that’s not to say that if the right one comes up and is presented in the right way then you can be onto a really great welcome bonus package.

That all being said, we think that the safe bet is to go with a free spins welcome offer that does actually require a deposit. In these circumstances, it is less likely that you will have to play through your winnings a whole bunch of times, which means that you are less likely to lose out on all of the winnings that you have just worked so hard on, and had so much fun with, building up.

One such free spins welcome offer is that of Slots Baby. There, with your first deposits as new players, you can have a chance at spinning the Mega Reel which, if you’re lucky, can reward you with up to 500 free spins to play with the famous, aforementioned, Starburst. You might not always get the best bonus on the Mega Reel with Slots Baby, but there are some other cracking bonus prizes on offer as well so it is definitely worth a look to see what you could win.

This really is one of the best slot games of all time and we could not recommend it enough, and sure, you might not win the 500 free spins to play on it but you can use your deposit to play it anyway. Plus, you can always  win one of the other prizes that are on offer from the Mega Reel, and these can include 50 free spins to play on Fluffy Favourites, or other prizes such as a £10 Amazon voucher.

Remember, you can play all kinds of other amazing online casino games at Slots Baby, too. One of these is bingo, but if bingo is not your cup of tea than you can play the likes of poker and blackjack too.

Always get the best signup offer for you - whether that’s the Mega Reel with Slots Baby or a free spins no deposit offer instead, it’s up to you decide and to be vigilant about what kind of terms and conditions are going to be thrown at you at the point of deposit placing or later down the line instead. Check the wagering requirements with each game, too.

The bottom line here is to have some fun with it. Sure, there is so much out there to consider and if you play the game right then you can really take advantage of the system and have a chance to cash in quite nicely indeed. Although, nothing is guaranteed and there is no point overthinking it and beginning to stress. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the slots. And, good luck! Find out more below: