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Why should you play new slots?

new vs popular slots

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There comes a choice when it comes to playing new online slots. Do I play something new, perhaps the latest releases or do I try the most popular slot games?

It is definitely a conundrum but one I hope to solve here. I believe that you are better off playing new slot games rather than the most popular ones and here are the reasons why.

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New and improved slot mechanics

Obviously, the main reason to play a new slots machines is that it will have all of the latest tricks. What do I mean by this?

Well, new slot games are always being developed. This means that there must be a desire for developers to create something different that works better than the slot games that came before it. Otherwise, why bother?

That makes the new slots better because developers are aware of what does not work in previous slot games and ignores it. Or, they have a big sample of slot games that may have something missing, like a bonus round our feature that can really improve the experience of a game. They can then implement this in a new slot.

With the most popular slot games, their features are likely to be outdated and not worth playing after a time. But it isn’t only the mechanics of slot games that are changing.

New ways to play slots

Now that we all seem to have a smart phone in our pocket, we can access the internet from wherever we are. That also means that we have access to casino sites on the go.

When you play a new slot game, you are likely to find that these factors have been taken into account. You will be able to play the newer slot games on the move if you so wish.

The more popular slot games might not have been built with this in mind as they are likely to have been developed several years ago. Mobile slots have really only come into prominence in the last three years after all.

New Slot Bonuses

When a new slot game is released, the games developer and the casino site it lands on will want you to play it. That means that they are likely to offer bonuses and promotions to get players to try out the new slot.

Yep. This means you can be gifted with some free spins on a new game, or a no deposit or deposit offer when you first play a new slot game. The developer and casino want you to try it they want you to like it and they want you to continue playing it. That means some nice bonuses get thrown our way to do so.

You can find welcome bonuses or other offers to play some of the older and more popular slot games, however that seems like a roundabout way to play these slot games with a bonus. New fruit machines come with these offers in built for a time.

Why are new slots so popular?

Another reason that players are better off playing new slot games over the most popular ones is because the reason a slot is popular might not be what they are looking for.

For example, Starburst is an online slot game that has been a favourite for a while now. This is mainly because of its simplistic, gem focused style and lack of bonus content. It is a slot game where you spin the reels and win. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Some players might enjoy this lack of variety. Others might want something more. A popular slot game might have large numbers because it has a high hit rate. For someone that only wants to play slots for fun, that is not a positive feature.

That is why it is better to try out new slot games rather than following what is popular. You are far more likely to come across a slot game that is right for you by sampling the newer material than by simply electing to try the most popular.

Reasons to try new online slots today

So, why should you be trying out new slot games instead of the most popular ones?

The new slot games are made with a new audience in mind and to keep up with current trends. Also, what makes something popular might not be what you enjoy in a slot game. Always try new things and stretch your horizons. Besides there is already a big enough crowd checking out the popular slot games. That’s why they are called popular.