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Video Slots Bonuses Explained

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Playing online slots has since become one of the most exciting activities on the internet and on mobile devices.

Things become way better with the bonuses that we see on video slots, which add so much fun to our gameplay. These days, the competition is to get as many players as possible using some bonuses on slots. In the course of playing at different casinos, you might have been offered a couple of bonuses from time to time.

What did you use your bonus for? Did they award wins to you? Slots Baby provides more details on video slots bonuses in the following paragraphs.

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Why video slots bonus is great

  • First, they have always been a way for the casino to give back to players specifically. Imagine a player spent hundreds of pounds on UK online slots, and never got any free chance to play at slot websites. This would undoubtedly discourage them from continuing to play, leaving them to hop from one casino to another.
  • Second, most players love to play some free spins or free games courtesy of the casino. It's part of consumer psychology to understand what consumers need and provide same to them.

Where this isn't the case, a casino might just be working counter-effectively with a likely result of losing many players. For instance, Slots Baby offers players up to 500 free spins when they spin the Mega Reel on Starburst.

  • Third, a video slot bonus sets the ball rolling for players to patronize the casino more. This is simply hinged on the idea of reciprocity, so when players get these bonuses, they feel the need to play more. This is why you see a player going to play online slots UK after exhausting their bonuses.

What kinds of video slot bonuses do we have?

Video slot bonuses are of different kinds, with different purposes in the casino landscape. Let's explore these bonuses below.

Welcome bonus

This is mostly targeted at new players in a bid to turn them to regular players at casinos.

Welcome bonus could be backed with a minimum deposit or no deposit at all depending on the casino's operations. Where there's a minimum deposit to be fulfilled at each point, it always has to be complied with. Most casinos have this package for new players with some wagering requirements attached, which players must fulfill.

One distinguishing trait of welcome bonuses is that they come with a time lag and some games they apply to. Players have to play within the time the bonus is open and stick to the games attached.

No deposit bonus

No deposit bonuses have become one of the most visible bonuses on a lot of casinos around the world.

Also aimed at new players, no deposit bonus seeks to draw in as many new players as possible. These bonuses can be claimed without depositing any amount, and you can withdraw your winnings subject to wagering requirements, though. It bears some semblance with welcome bonuses only differing in the no deposit requirement, which you can claim once offered.

Sometimes no deposit bonuses are attached to some games players must play to redeem the offer.

Free Spins bonus

Free spins bonus is a casino bonus strictly and specifically applying to online slots.

It can come alone or with some cash offer, but it ultimately has to do with playing free spins as bonuses. The free spins offered to players vary from casino to casino. The common thing in most casinos is that the free spins can only be played on some stipulated games.

Those games are listed explicitly by the casinos for players to win real money on. The absence of wagering requirements for free spins bonuses is usually why players always want to jump on it.

Deposit bonus

A deposit bonus is where casinos get to recoup their money from players.

It typically involves players depositing some money in their accounts to be eligible to claim a bonus. It could be a minimum amount that the player has to deposit to claim an offer. A deposit bonus applies to most players and has no restrictions regarding what games a player can play. 

It also usually comes with some wagering requirements, mostly more than most other casino bonuses.


The best slot games online are developed and released more often these days than ever before.

With the popularity and widespread following enjoyed by some existing slots, new ones may be hard to be remembered. But with video slots bonuses, these games are given more attention and possibly become a preference for some players. This is why video slots bonuses have become a truly enriching practice in online casinos. 

Visit Slots baby today and avail yourself of the video slot bonuses on offer.