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Top Online Casino Sites 2020

Top Online Casino Sites 2020

We are well and truly living in the age of the online casino and the online slot game. Both of these phenomenons are absolutely thriving right now, in a gambling industry which is booming as a whole. Never before have this many people been enjoying the thrill of a flutter, betting both in shops and casinos, as well as online via the many ways to access this exciting world. The video slot machine has come on leaps and bounds, too. Once a simple, humble game with very little room for elaborate narratives and strong graphics, they are now an all-action experience with all of the above, plus some really tasty looking jackpots and bonus features, for the most part. And more brands are offering online slot games, too, with so many places to sign up and start spinning the reels with. Which begs the question, what is the best casino to play online slots with? The good thing is that there is no correct answer, wot hundreds of casinos offering superb services for this game method and more. In this article though, we will point out some of the best online casinos and gambling websites that we enjoy spinning slot games at, as well as looking into what makes a video slot game so good in the first place. This, along with a brief mentioning of some of our favourite slot game titles, will be found in this very comprehensive guide to the best video slots and best video slot casinos. So, let us get started with the very basics…

What is a video slot?

A video slot is one of the many terms used for what is essentially an online fruit machine. Video slots, video slot machines, online slot games and online pokies are all names for what has quickly become a gambling sensation online. The naturally evolved game from the classic fruit machines that still flicker in the corners of pubs, chip shops and bars to this very day, the online slot game packs in all that vintage, nostalgic fun, with a helping of what the modern online gaming and modern online gambling world can offer, too. The essence of the online video slot is very much the same as it ever was, with players looking to line up symbols on the reels which will, in turn, create winning outcomes. Wins vary in size and special symbols, for the most part, will be included to increase either the size of your wins or the chances of winning more, via bonus features like free spin modes and mini-games. The majority of the most modern online video slot machines are extremely accessible for those of a legal gambling age. This is thanks to the rise of the smartphone device. Almost all games released in the last five or six years are fully optimised so players can enjoy them from the ease of their smartphone, with graphics, layouts and animations all fully functional for whatever smartphone you may have. Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, you name it.

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How do you play video slots?

This is a fair question, especially from those who have limited experience in online gambling or online gaming as a whole. While there are a large share of slot games that are available to play completely for free with no sign up or betting necessary, the majority of slot games are hosted by online casinos.

This means that, in order to play for money at least, you must sign up to play and spin their reels. Signing up to an online casino is usually very simple indeed, and will require a few basic forms to be filled out that will ask you for things like your email address, billing address, phone number and more. Remember to be safe online and make sure you know what you are signing up for. Terms and conditions are always supplied by online casinos so be sure to have a good read over what you are agreeing too before signing up. Online casinos vary in size, choice of games and in themes, with some only offering sports betting, casino classics or whatever they may feel best suits their clientele. Most of the big online casino brands provide online slot games, but it is well worth doing some research and navigating your potential online casino’s services before you officially sign up. Look out for those terms and conditions once again and also, when joining a new online casino, be sure to make the most of the potential to get a nice signup offer.

Welcome bonuses and sign up offers

What with the competitive nature of the casino slot sites gambling industry, there is a battle for your custom as a gambler. Know that you hold the power when it comes to choosing where to gamble some of your hard earned wages, so do not rush into signing up with any old casino. One way in which online casinos and online gambling sites will fight for your business is with the lure of their welcome offers and sign up bonuses. These are, in essence, deals used to entice new gamblers into signing up. They can vary in effectiveness and value but, if used well, can be a really smart way of getting off to a flyer in an online casino. A typical welcome offer would offer the chance for some free bets up to a certain value but as ever, terms and conditions will apply, so be sure to have a good check of the ins and outs of such offers. If you are keen to get started and start playing slot games, look out for the chance to win some free spins. Online casinos are always looking to get players spinning reels on certain games, so there is often the chance to gain some free spins on a title of their choice. This is one thing to look out for, for absolute certain, when browsing the web for the perfect online casino. It is also a big factor in why our chosen best online casinos to play slot games with, have made this list.

King Casino

You probably already know about King Casino. King Casino has a great online presence and amongst the many things that they offer here is a wealth of online video slot games. Over 200 slot games can be found on their popular website, making them a really good choice for a slot machine. Here you will find some top titles, too, with the likes of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire MEGAWAYS on the menu for those who miss Chris Tarrant. The catalogue of online slot games is always being added to by this mainstay of the UK’s gambling industry, so expect to see some new titles almost every single week. New titles guarantee great graphics and smartphone playability, too, as aforementioned. So there is a lot to enjoy about King Casinos online service, before you have even looked into what welcome offers and bonuses they have. They have a tab on their website that is specifically dedicated to new offers and this updated regularly. This means that no matter what time, day, week or month you are reading this article on the best video slot game casinos, their webpage of welcome offers and sign up bonuses will be worth visiting. Fair play.

Starburst game logo

Mega Reel

Mega by name and nature, you will quickly realise that Mega Reel is one of the biggest online casinos in the whole country. Immensely popular, the online casino brand has a huge selection off slot games and more. Slickly designed in terms of their webpage and the games they offer, Mega Reel welcome new customers every single day. Their welcome offers are always decent, too, with a bonus bets and free spins on offer at the time of writing. As for that slot game selection, it is as diverse as it is massive. Games across a variety of themes and layouts are up for grabs, with titles ranging from the Luck o’ the Irish to Ancient Egypt pretty effortlessly. One of the most popular slot games of all time can be found at Mega Reel, as they are one of the proud providers of the game Starburst.

This critically acclaimed online slot game has been a regular topper of best slot game lists since it’s release a few years ago and not without reason. Simple to play yet somehow beautifully unique, thousands play this slots game classic every single day. Mega Reel is a very modern and forward-thinking casino in that players can play with money in their PayPal account. This makes things so slick as you don’t even need to go and get your wallet to fish your debit card out. Ease and speed is very much the theme of Mega Reel, if not their enormous selection of titles.

666 Casino

Even the name of this casino looks like something you would see in a slot game, with 666 Casino providing what looks like a winning combination. Be that three 8s or the combination of sports and casino betting, it is truly up to the gambler how they wish to gamble on 666. This is another household name in the online gambling industry and 888 have been around for a few years now to earn their status. Their good reputation is once again built on a wide variety of ways to bet, including a massive, always expanding selection of top slots games to work with. They have some fantastic developers at their disposal, too, as they are a host of several games by the esteemed Yggdrasil.

Yggdrasil are truly one of the most prolific and celebrated developers of online gambling spectacles and not without reason. Graphics do not come better than the work of Yggdrasil and some of the most spun reels in the entirety of the online slot game realm were crafted by their team of designers. Yggdrasil are behind some classics and modern classics like Penguin City, an ambitious, well-humoured slot game that takes the player to some kind of inner-city China Town setting. The difference between China Town and Penguin City is that this place is inhabited by busy penguins, each of them looking to get by in the in-game metropolis that this talented developer has invented. They will also help you towards some big wins, too. After all, that’s the main aim here, right?

Gamble responsibly

Wrong. Although a large part of the fun in an online or indeed a brick and mortar casino is to leave with some profit in your pocket or virtual wallet, there is more to gambling than just money. In an age where accessibility and choice of gambling titles have never been better, we are of course opened up to the prospect of gambling problems and addictions like never before, too. Online casinos and the British government are doing their best to combat the issue, working with the Gambling Commission to work on schemes and more to prevent people from gambling dangerously. The best tip we can give is that one should remember the point of gambling in the first place. It is a fun pastime and one that conjures up a simple thrill of risk and reward. It should remembered that even when you lose, you have paid for the fun you have just had. We suggest setting gambling budgets, which is easy to do using the tools made available at all the online casinos mentioned above. Set an amount that you are comfortable with losing, as this means that you will not be too far out of pocket if the numbers do not come up in your favour. Also, take regular breaks when gambling.