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Slingo Free Play

Slingo Review

No Deposit Bonuses

The concept for Slingo is one of the most out of the box ideas among casino games. This clever merge between slot game and bingo game has been a hit with the fans for over 20 years now.

Since this is a slot game, you would expect to have to make a deposit to play Slingo. However, what if I told you that it is entirely possible to play Slingo for free? It doesn’t take any dishonest trickery. Through free play modes and free spins in game, you could be playing this low volatility game without putting down any of your own real money.

£10 Deposit for Casino Games

How to play Slingo for free

Playing Slingo for free is easier than ever nowadays. With so many different new video slots uk casinos cropping up, more and more are opting to give new players a bonus to get them to choose their site. This is called a welcome bonus. One such bonus is giving these new players a load of free spins.

In a regular bingo game, these free spins would be useless. But this is Slingo we are talking about, a game that requires players to spin the 5 reels to match numbers. Therefore, Slingo can be played with for free with these welcome bonus free spins.

Slingo Free Bonus and free spins

We’ve talked about how you can play Slingo for free, but why would you want to?

As I have already mentioned, Slingo is a hybrid between slot online games and bingo games. To play, the player needs to spins the reels and match up the numbers. Instead of matching up pay lines, the player needs to match up the numbers on the reels to those on their bingo card. You will make a deposit for 11 spins to try and cross off every number to win a prize.

Once these spins run out, the player has the chance to buy more spins to keep going or reset the game and start with a new bingo card.

There are devil symbols on the reels that can block any path you are pursuing but there are also jokers that will reward players with some free spins.

Min/Max Bet







Free spins, wilds, blockers

Playing Slingo for free

If this crazy mash up of games sounds like your cup of tea, you will be happy to hear that you can play Slingo on many different casino sites. All you need to do is search for a site that carries the game, create an account with them and make your deposit. This account makes it easy for you to deposit and withdraw funds.

Or, if you are looking to play Slingo for free look around to see if there are any promotional offers. If none are around then you can always play Slingo in the free play mode. What’s free play mode?

This is a version of the game that players can choose to play that does not require them to make a deposit. They can try out Slingo for free to see if it a game that you will enjoy. On the other hand, you might not like the idea of gambling and just want to play for fun. That is entirely possible in free play mode as well.

One thing to be mindful of is that in free play mode, you will not win any real money. For those wishing to play Slingo for fun, this is not much of an issue but always be aware that if you do not make a deposit on a slot game, more often than not you will not win any money.

Other free Slingo games

The game of Slingo was developer by the company Slingo Originals. They have patented their brand of slot/bingo games and have continued to provide other variations to their trademark Slingo formula. If the classic game of Slingo is a bit too vanilla, you can always try:

  • Slingo Ante’ Up
  • Slingo Carnival
  • Slingo Monopoly
  • Slingo Fluffy Favourites

All of these Slingo slot games offer something different but all can be experienced for free in one way or another. If there are no free play modes available, you could always head to Slots Baby and try out Starburst for free/

Whether you take advantage of a bonus offer or win some in game free spins, you could be playing Slingo for free right now.

Check out all of the versions of Slingo to find out which is your favourite.