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PlayTech ranks as one of the best software providers in the industry. Since it was founded in 1996, the software supplier has shaken the gambling world with amazing games with beautiful graphics, exciting innovations, and even an easy-to-navigate interface. In recent times, however, PlayTech is becoming increasingly popular for its jackpot slots. one of the main reasons is the sheer amount players have won and can win. There are a series of jackpot slots in which players can wager to win any of the prizes involved to make things even more enjoyable. So whether you love fixed jackpots or progressive jackpots, PlayTech has got you covered.

Playtech Networked Jackpot Slots

PlayTech networked jackpot slots refer to games that share the same pot to increase the prize of the jackpot. Unlike the standard jackpot, where the amount to be won is either fixed or grows slowly through one game, the PlayTech networked jackpot slot links multiple games in a network, so as any of the games are played, the prize increases. This is quite advantageous as it means the longer it takes to win the jackpot, the more money can be won. PlayTech has a series of networked jackpot slots that do just that – amass a massive amount for the winning to make things even more exciting for players. In addition, PlayTech has released games under networks like Power Play, Fire Blaze, Marvel Slots, etc. the games under these networks have distinct paylines, reels, and RTP, which add to the fun you get from playing them.

PlayTech Progressive Jackpot Slots

We are sure you are no stranger to PlayTech jackpot slots, but you might not know what it entails. Because of this, we are taking you through a crash course on what the progressive slots are all about.

Fire Blaze

The Fire Blaze Network Jackpot was introduced in April of 2019 with the Sky Queen: Fire Blaze. Since its creation, this Playtech jackpot network is fast becoming well known. Fire Blaze offer players four different progressive jackpots – Mini, Minor, Major and Grand Jackpot. While this in itself is enough to win players’ heart, the Fire Blaze Jackpot also include a Hold and Respin feature. The hold and respin feature is activated when you land at least 6 of the bonus symbols. The symbols stick to the reels while the players is awarded 3 respins. When playing the respins, only certain symbols can stick on the reels and each bonus symbol you and resets the respins back to 3. With the hold and respin feature, punters can easily land any of the four jackpots. Depending on your bet size, one can win as high as £1,000,000.

Full Moon

Full Moon might not be a progressive jackpot, but it does have a nice reward for punters. Unlike the ones we’ve discussed above, the Full Moon isn’t connected to any other slot for now and instead of a precise if not progressive amount, the jackpot pot comes in the form of multipliers. Like most jackpots, there are four distinct jackpots in full moon, each giving 20x, 50x, 500x and, 2,000x times your stake. While this means the amount you win depends on your stake and the type of jackpot triggered, it sure gives you something to look forward to.

Power Play

You know how most PlayTech Networked Jackpot Slots have about four different jackpots? Power Play only has three. The mini holds the smallest value and is triggered more times than the rest, one every forty minutes statistically. Given the frequency of how it can be triggered, there is a time limit to when players can win it. The Peak Power Play Jackpot is a step higher than the Mini and, on average, is won once daily. It has more value than the Mini Power Play and can be triggered when the maximum amount is reached. The Mega Power Jackpot is the most valuable of the three pots, and while it is seldom triggered, it holds a huge amount to be won. Unlike the previous two, there is no time restriction to when it can be activated. One perk of the Power Play Jackpot Network is the ability to the won with any spin.

Age of the Gods

This Playtech Jackpot Network is limited to several Age of Gods games. While this might mean a limited number of online slots have this jackpot engine, players can still mean up to £200,000. There are four progressive jackpots here, which any can be won during the base game. One thing that makes Age of the Gods unique and exciting is that the progressive jackpot can only be triggered randomly.

Marvel Slots

As the name must have given out, this networked jackpot slot features all online slots that have the marvel theme. Here, you will find games like Daredevil, X-Men, Spiderman: Attack of the Green Goblin, Iron Man, etc. the Marvel Slots jackpot network has four types of jackpots that can be won in the game, and they are: Power, Super Power, Extra Power, and, Ultimate Power.

Progressive Jackpots Vs Fixed Jackpot Slots from Playtech

PlayTech Progressive jackpots slots are no doubt impressive. Each network offers enormous winnings as well as diverse, unique ways of triggering them. While some are random, others need specific combinations to pull off. Aside from the progressive slots, there are also fixed jackpots slots created by Playtech.

Unlike Progressive slots that require many slots to share the same jackpot network with other games to increase the amount to be won frequently, the fixed jackpot slots do not. Instead, as its name suggests, it offers a fixed amount to be won. There are a plethora of distinctions in both progressive Jackpots and fixed jackpot slots from Playtech and, those differences are what we will be discussing here.

S/N Progressive Slots Fixed Slots
1.         They are primarily networked, meaning they are linked with other slot machines to increase the amount in the jackpot They are not linked to other slot machines
2.         The amount increases with time The amount to be won is the same regardless of when it’s won
3.        Offers more rewards Rewards are considerably lower than their progressive counterparts
4.        Lots of options to choose from There are fewer fixed slots

Best Progressive Jackpot Networks

  • Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is one of the most breathtaking jackpots by Microgaming in the industry. This progressive jackpot comprises four different subcategories that can be triggered during the jackpot bonus game. During this round, punters have the chance to get the Mini, Minor, Major and Mega jackpot. Given the vast number of progressive networks Mega Moolah is tied, players can win as high as £1,000,000 with Mega Moolah.

  • WOW Pot

This is another of Microgaming’s progressive slots that give wagers an equal chance of winning regardless of their bet size. Of course, the precise amount that can be won varies as the pot keeps growing. To know the exact amount up for grab, you can check above the reel of the game. Looking back at the records, however, punters can win as high as £17 million. Since different online slots are using this jackpot network, it’s best to know how to trigger the WOW Pot jackpot before playing any.

  • Mega Drop

A brainchild of SG Digital Mega Drop consists of three jackpots; Minor, Major and Epic. A player must trigger the cascade reel or spin the reels to win any of these pots to stand a chance. Winnings here can go as high as £250,000. After any win, the pot will reset to £1,000 and will continue growing from there.

  • Jackpot King

Aside from being triggered with any amount of bet, the Jackpot King Network isn’t limited to just online slots as online scratch card games also share and contribute to the progressive pot. To win the Jackpot King, a player must first land 5 jackpot king bonus symbols to access the mini-game that offers new reels during the base game. Punters will then try to land about 15 golden crowns symbols on these new reels to win the jackpot prize.

  • Major Millions

This is one of the most popular Microgaming’s jackpots, with a player winning about £1.5 million in 2002. The game has a seed value of about £250,000 and keeps increasing every second thanks to three other game variants connected to this network. To win the jackpot here, you’d need to land the minimum of 5 major million symbols on the 15th payline

  • King Cashalot

This 5-reels Microgaming jackpot creation offers punter 9 winning combinations. This might be small when compared to other jackpots, but this wouldn’t matter when you consider the series of bonuses that comes with the game. Here, you will not just free spins but very rewarding multipliers. The jackpot feature in King Cashalot makes it even more interesting, as landing, just 5 king wild symbols on the last payline will secure you a life-changing jackpot.

  • Mega Fortune

Ever since the first winner of this jackpot won over £4 million, the Mega Fortune Jackpot popularity has increased immensely. This Jackpot network is from NetEnt and has a series of exciting games using it. To win the Mega Fortune, you’d need to land three Mega Fortune bonus symbols. The first wheel will reward you with a play the next wheel, while the second and third would allow you to coin more coins or the jackpot when you spin it.

PlayTech Vs the World

PlayTech undoubtedly has one of the most versatile jackpot slots. However, it’s far from being the only software provider with jackpot games available for players. As PlayTech has local progressive jackpots like Full Moon that slowly increase in prize depending on how many people wager on it, software providers like NetEnt and BetSoft also have similar slots. NetEnt’s Cash Bomb, Tiki Wonders, and BetSoft’s have a slow but steady growth of their jackpots’ pool. While these games will seldom ever reach six or seven figures, there is still a lot of cash to be won there. The local progressive jackpot is one of the aspects PlayTech differ from the rest. Even though the same rule of slow growth applies to their local progressive jackpot slots, there has been cases of players winning massive amounts that rivalled some network progressive slots.

Given how limited local progressive jackpots can be in terms of amassing wins, most software providers lean towards network jackpots, and this is where you will be a breathtaking amount being won. Speaking of massive winnings, Microgaming’s major millions and mega moolah always come to mind. These two jackpots have been known to give winnings in both six and seven figures. The mega moolah has three different jackpots – Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega – and the mini is easily won compared to the Mega jackpot. This Microgaming’s progressive jackpot is quite interesting prize-wise as they share certain similarities with some of PlayTech’s networked jackpots like the Power Play jackpot. However, Microgaming's jackpot lacks the creativity and e daresay innovations put into some of PlayTech’s jackpots. For example, with PlayTech, you can find randomly triggered jackpots, something you wouldn’t see much of from Microgaming or most software providers.

PlayTech Casinos

PlayTech Casinos are online casinos that offer games built by this software provider to their players. Being a reputable brand, getting to play PlayTech games in a casino is one of the surest ways to know you are at a grand casino, but this isn’t the only thing about these. So before we dive into the different PlayTech casinos, how about, we take you through the features of such casinos.

  • Credibility: when it comes to credibility, PlayTech Casinos are licensed and regulated by respected gambling bodies. These bodies oversee the affairs of the casinos to ensure that they comply with the rules and regulations of the country. Also, with being licensed, you can be assured that they are also accountable for all their actions or lack thereof. One significant advantage you’d find with PlayTech casinos in this aspect is that most of them have multiple licenses for different regulating bodies.
  • Fair Gaming: Before a jackpot slot or any casino game is featured on this type of casino, they would have been tested multiple times to give random results. This is done not just by PlayTech itself; to ensure transparency, third-party auditing companies are employed to test and certify the games. Doing this can be sure that the Random Number Generator actually gives fair and unplanned results.
  • Security: Vital information are often passed to online casinos. Whether it’s personal data or financial information, punters are required to give these to gain unreserved access to PlayTech Casino features. Because of how sensitive these information are, these PlayTech casinos are fortified with state-of-the-art cybersecurity. This protects vital information by encrypting to make it indecipherable for hackers
  • Number of Games: What is a PlayTech Casino with PlayTech games? There are hundreds of games from PlayTech at these casinos. With the vast options, especially for jackpot slots on ground, players do not have to be constrained to a particular set of games. Also, the possibilities over both fixed and progressive jackpot slots.
  • Accessibility: Jackpot slots are very thrilling to play but imagine you don’t have the time to sit by your system every day to play; what would you do? Well, with PlayTech casinos, you do not have to imagine such an appalling scenario. All the games you will find here are mobile-optimized, meaning so long you have a smartphone and it's connected to the internet, you can play your favourite PlayTech games.
  • Rewards: Incentives are casinos’ ways to give back to new and existing customers PlayTech casinos excel in this aspect with an astonishing number of bonuses. Although new players might only be proxy to one or two rewards, aka welcome offer, once they start playing at any PlayTech casino, you’d be surprised at how many prizes are up for grab on a daily, weekly and, monthly basis. But, unfortunately, there is a limit to how many incentives you can get at these casinos.

Just like the software provider, PlayTech casinos stands tall among the rest in the online casino industry. So, what are the different examples of PlayTech casinos? We hear you ask. Well, the good news is that there are many of them, and the even better news is we’ve got a list of the best out of the best for you.

  • Wizard Slots
  • Slots Uk
  • Bonanza Slots
  • Free Spins No Deposit Casino
  • No Deposit Slots
  • Easy Slots

If you still want us to take it a step further to give a recommendation, then we’d say Easy Slots is a perfect fit for you. How do we know? Well, because this is an online casino where class meets with fun. You are going to get all the PlayTech slots here and add to the fun games from top software providers like Pragmatic Play NetEnt and Microgaming are there. Want to take a break from jackpot slots? Then, there are online bingo cards for you, and if you crave actual human interaction, there are several live dealer games that could do the trick. Also, there is up to a 1,000% matchup bonus on your first deposit to play selected games (Ts & Cs Apply).


Winning has always been the primary goal of every gambler. PlayTech jackpot slots networks make this very easy while also ensuring you have lots of fun while at it. Regardless of whether you’d like to play fixed jackpot slots or networked progressive slots, you are be assured of getting your money’s worth. Also, with an offer of up to a 1,000% match up bonus to play qualifying games, you might want to get started on making more money for yourself right away at Easy Slots. (Ts & Cs Apply)

*Any Free Spins/Welcome Bonuses References are subject to the following: NEW PLAYERS ONLY, MIN DEPOSIT £10, MAX BONUS EQUAL TO LIFETIME DEPOSITS (UP TO £250), 65X WAGERING REQUIREMENTS AND FULL T&CS APPLY.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.