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Pay by Phone

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Paying for slot games has always been simple. Back in the good old days you would count out your coins to set your stake. Then, with the advent of the slots on-line game, we could electronically pay through our bank account.

However, that raised the issue of security. What if an unfriendly person got a hold of these details? It’s not likely but it is a possibility. There are other third party sites than can levy this issue but most of these come with additional charges. So what is a person to do?

The answer is pay with your phone casino.

PayPal Slots Deposits

What is a pay by phone casino site?

Pay by phone casino sites are a new way to pay for your demo slot game and real money deposits. This is done by using your phone bill.

The player enters into a deal where the money that they use to play slots is all accrued and added to the player’s phone bill at the end of the month. This means that they pay for everything in on lump sum. There is no need to keep making individual payments through your bank account.

This method has been adopted by quite a few casino sites so if this sounds like the payment method for you it is always worth checking whether or not your favourite slot site accepts pay by phone casino not boku.

Why Use Pay by Phone Casino Sites?

We have lightly touched on one major benefit of using a pay by phone casino site but what are the main reasons to use such a service. Let’s take a look.

The most obvious benefit to all of this is the fact that you do not need to use your bank details to continuously make your deposits. This adds an extra layer of security to playing slots online. You already share your personal payment details with your phone company to pay for your mobile device and it is highly unlikely that this information would get stolen from them. This means you are a lot safer when playing slot games this way.

The second most beneficial factor to discuss is the convenience that it provides the player. When you are playing mobile slots, it is likely that you are doing so whilst on the move. You could be on the train, at your friend’s house or just wandering around. This results in the constant switching between internet connections and players will always choose the most convenient one. But that does not always mean that it is the safest. With pay by phone casino sites, players get to enjoy all the convenience that comes with playing mobile slots and none of the security risks.

Another thing to consider with the pay by phone method is that it does not charge players for using the service. Third party sites usually charge players for the security privileges that they provide. That is entirely fair.

However, when you choose to pay through your phone bill, you do not incur additional charges.  You pay for the slot game and nothing else.

Can I withdraw money through pay by phone casino sites?

With all that said, the one negative aspect of the pay by phone method of paying for slot games is that players do not get to withdraw any money that they win through their phone bill. It will not be taken off the overall bill.

This might sound like a massive drawback however it does stand to reason. The phone bill and casino site enter into an agreement but if the player did withdraw their winnings this way, it would exclusively be the phone company that loses out. That is not their main line of business.

This does mean that players do require a casino account to withdraw their winnings if they wish to do so. The security benefits are still there as you will not have sums of your own money sat in your account however your details are still on the site.

Another downside to the pay by phone bill method is that you will need to ensure that your phone company does in fact provide this service. It is almost widespread across casino sites but not all phone companies. As always, read the terms and conditions of the site and check the wagering requirements.

Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements are the set of criteria that you must meet in order to place your wager. These details can be found in the terms and conditions that you would need to have read when initially signing up to the casino site. It will specify the age you need to be, the process wagering and its risks and also how you can pay for your slots.

This is true of pay by phone casino sites. They too will provide terms that let you know whether or not your phone provider will allow you to pay this way. It may sound tedious but these are all things you must look into before committing to a payment method.

Other casino payment methods

As specified before, the pay by phone casino site is not the only way to pay for your mobile slots. Other methods include:

  • Debit card- this is the standard way to make a deposit and play online slots but does come with some security risks. Of course, every casino site exercises the tightest security measures but the risk is still there when making financial transactions online.
  • Third party sites- there are third party sites such as PayPal that allow players to transfer money between their bank and then the casino site through the use of their digital wallet. This eliminates the need to have your details on the site however, as we mentioned before, these sites will charge you for the privilege.
  • Other third party services- the third party that you use does not need to be a website. Services like the paysafe card and Boku are tied to a payment card and your mobile number respectively. These both come with the same benefits as PayPal and also the same negatives. Plus some of these services do add additional charges to players that choose to quit the payment plan.

These are all perfectly valid options to pay for mobile slots but as you can see they too come with their own penalties.

Pay by phone casino sites vs Other Payment methods

Now that we have gone through all the possible ways that you can pay for your mobile slots, why should you choose to use a pay by phone casino site. The short answer is that it does not require any additional steps. You do not need to sign up to or pay to use another service. If you already have a smart phone contract and you like to play slots online then it is a no brainer that you would combine the two payments into one lump sum. It cuts out so much time and energy.

Plus, mobile slots are the future. It seems that nowadays everyone owns a smart phone device of some kind and that means that future slot games will be made for this type of device. Therefore it only makes sense to get ahead of the crowd and set up a secure payment method before almost every slot is a mobile slot.

That is just hyperbole of course but the industry is changing. Almost 72% of slot players now choose to play these games on their mobile and that number is likely to climb. It really does look like mobile slots are the future.

Using a pay by phone casino site

If you want to sign up to use a pay by phone casino site and you have read and understood the terms and conditions of both the site and your phone provider, you can follow these steps.

  • Step 1- register to use the site by creating an online casino account
  • Step 2- provide your details including your email address.
  • Step 3- choose your payment method

It really is that easy to use a pay by phone casino site.


There we have all of the benefits and flaws of the pay by phone casino sites. It is a security measure that players can choose to use when playing mobile slots on the go. There are other payment methods of course but for mobile slots, you may want to consider using a pay by phone casino site.