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There is a new way to play slots and it seems that it is very popular among players. That is mobile slots.

Mobile slots are a lot more convenient than those on desktop as they can be played on the move. Plus, these new mobile slots come with all the most recent graphics and gameplay styles. What’s more, there is a new way to pay for these slot games that is more secure and that is the phone casino method.

You can access this method via several different phone companies and third party sites like Boku. Here’s how you can use a Pay by Phone Casino not Boku.

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What is a Pay by Phone Casino

A pay by phone casino is a term used to describe a way to pay for uk slot games. This method takes all the money that you have used as a deposit to play slots online and adds it to your phone bill that can be paid in one lump sum at the end of the month.

This reduces the need to keep making individual deposits when playing and that means that there is no need to have an online casino account. This all sounds good but why would someone choose to use the pay by phone casino method?

Why use a pay by phone casino?

There are a certain number of benefits that come with using a pay by phone casino. Some I have alluded to already but they are as follows:

  • Security - security is the biggest benefit to using the pay by phone casino. Having an online casino account means putting your bank details on the casino site This means that there is another place that can be hacked to find your personal information.

With a pay by phone casino, all the money that you use to play new slot sites uk is billed via your phone company, a place that you obviously trust as you register and pay for your phone through them. This means that there is one less party that has your personal information.

  • Convenience - mobile slots are designed to be played on the move on your smart phone. This means that you are likely you be switching between internet connections as you play. How many of these connections are secure? With pay by phone casino you need not worry. Your bank details do not need to be registered with the site you are using to play mobile slots. This means you can play slots anywhere you want so long as you have a connection.

The benefits of a pay by phone casino are mostly focused on security however there is one thing you must bear in mind when using this payment method.

Can I withdraw money using pay by phone casino?

Since the money that you use to deposit and play slots is added to your phone bill, naturally you would expect the money that you win to be taken off making the service one seamless transition.

Unfortunately this is not the case. You do still need to have an online casino account to withdraw any winnings.

This is mainly down to the synergy between the phone companies and casino sites. The money that players use as a deposit can easily be given too or split between both parties. When it comes to player winnings the phone company would be the one losing out on funds and that is not part of their primary business model. It is safer for the player to just withdraw it straight from the casino site.

That means having a casino account. Surely that negates some of the security benefits of the pay by phone casino. It does. However there are other ways around this that keep all of the positive security and convenience benefits of pay by phone casino intact.

Boku Casinos

One way players can negate any security risks with the pay by phone casino is by using Boku. This is a Japanese service that acts as a digital wallet to transfer funds between yourself and the casino site.

Instead of withdrawing money straight from the casino site, players can put it into their Boku account and then withdraw it into their own bank. This still allows players to deposit using their phone bill but the casino site never has direct access to the player’s bank account.

This sounds like a very roundabout way of playing for things so there are other ways to keep the pay by phone casino security benefits in tact that are not Boku.

Other Withdrawal methods

If you are unsure about withdrawing any winning funds when playing with pay by phone casino there are some other withdrawal methods that you may want to try that are not Boku.

  • PayPal- PayPal is another digital wallet style, third party site that players can use as a secure middle man between their bank account and the casino site. Players will find that PayPal is a much more prevalent service that almost every casino site
  • Pay safe Card- this is another eWallet that players can choose to use that is not Boku. The main difference between a Pay Safe card and other payment methods is that Pay Safe is used more over international markets. If you are playing on a casino site based overseas, it is better to use a Pay Safe Card and not Boku.
  • Cryptocurrency- cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are a digital strand of information that can be used as currency. There are casino sites out there that will accept cryptocurrency and pay out in this currency as well. The currency you withdraw is able to be traced as it is coded and so unfriendly players can’t get their hands on it. Be advised though that the value of cryptocurrency does fluctuate. That big win sitting in your casino account may not be worth as much the next day so be sure to withdraw it as soon as possible.

Boku Vs Other Withdrawal Methods

We now know the other withdrawal methods by why use these and not Boku.

One reason to use these is because Boku is a company that charges its customers for continuous use. This means that you will incur a payment fee for using Boku to withdraw your funds and therefore your winnings will be less than previously thought. Other digital wallet sites do come with charges however they vary in size. Always do your research before committing to a third party site.

Another reason is that Boku is not as widely accepted among casino sites. You can sign up and use the service but if a site like slots baby does not recognise it, you will not be able to withdraw using Boku. That makes the pay by phone casino method obsolete. You are better off using a more well-known third party site and not Boku.

How to play mobile slots and pay by phone casino

If the pay by phone casino method sounds like a good way to play mobile slots but you don’t know how to sign up to play, follow these quick steps.

  • Step 1 - on your mobile device, find a casino site that appeals to you
  • Step 2 - once you are on the home page, hit the large register now button.
  • Step 3 - follow the procedure and make sure that you provide your email address. When it comes to deposit methods, choose the pay by phone casino This may take you through another set of steps on the web page of your phone provider
  • Step 4 - This largely depends on your payment plan with your phone provider but all of the options and ways to pay will be highlighted. Read the terms and conditions to see if you could be using pay by phone casino.

There are many phone companies that provide the pay by phone casino method but it may be worth double checking with your service before you start the process.

Playing with the pay by phone casino not Boku

As mentioned before, any players that are uncertain about online security will love to be able to use the pay by phone casino method to play their mobile slots.

They can also rest easy knowing that there are plenty of other third party options that allow them to safely withdraw any winnings that they accrue. If you want to use the pay by phone casino method to play all of the great slot games available at Slots Baby, you may want to use one of these alternative methods and not Boku.