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Pay by Phone Casino Boku

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Mobile slots are fast becoming the go to way to play slots online. This is because of the convenience of the medium as well as the new innovations to slots that come with new mobile slots.

But there is more to mobile slots than we may realise. The changes and benefits don’t stop there. We also have the pay by phone casino.

What is a pay by phone casino?

A pay by phone casino is a way to deposit and pay for your slot games. The idea is simple.

Instead of making individual deposits every time you want to play mobile slots, money that you use to play slots online is added to your phone bill at the end of the month.

This keeps everything streamlined with no breaks having to occur during your time playing slots.

There is one thing to think about when using a pay by phone casino.

£10 Deposit for Casino Games

Withdrawing your winnings

When you play online uk slot games using the pay by phone method, the money that you deposit it is added to your phone bill and that it is how you pay. Does this mean that any money you win with mobile slots is taken off of your bill?

Sadly, no. You cannot withdraw the money that you win on mobile slots using your phone bill. It will not be taken off of what you owe.

To withdraw your winnings, you will have to register with an online casino, negating some of the security benefits of the pay by phone method. This is a big turn off for some of the more cautious slots players. So how does one remain safe and secure whilst using mobile slots? The answer is Boku.

What is Boku?

Boku is an online service that allows people to pay for digital goods online in one of the most secure ways. When you by something digitally whether that be a movie, song or even mobile slots, it will be charged to your mobile phone number.

The person that is registered to use Boku will be sent a confirmation message that they need to agree to before any purchases are made. This means that nothing is taken from your account without your say so. Therefore, your money remains as safe as possible online.

Yes. That also is true when you are playing slots online.

How can Boku help me play slot?

The Boku system works exactly the same way as the pay by phone casino. Any money that you deposit to play slots is charged to your mobile phone number, or phone bill, but you will be asked to confirm every deposit that you make.

This comes with its own benefits. Your online casino account will never be hacked. If someone poses as you to play slots online with your account, they cannot make a deposit without your say so. That makes the whole act of hacking your account redundant. Therefore, it makes it so much safer to register with an online casino.

With Boku, you get all of the benefits of the pay by phone casino uk method, plus the most secure online payment method around.

How to use Boku Payment Method

Signing up to Boku is easy and accessing new video slots.

Boku is a Japanese company but since they are featured online, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. All you need to do to sign up to Boku is visit their website and sign up. Then, making payments with Boku online is as easy as clicking the activate button on your account. This ensures that every online payment you make will require confirmation.

Want to play mobile slots with your friends and pass the phone around? You can turn off Boku with the press of a button and the confirmation requests will stop. Just remember to activate it again when you want to the security to come back.


If you are someone that gets tired of making individual deposits when playing mobile slots, the pay by phone method is something to consider. However, the safety conscious players can now relax as there is a way to use this method without suffering any security risks.

That answer comes in the form of Boku. You can sign up to Boku from anywhere and if it is not for you, it can be turned off. In Japanese, Boku means ‘me’. Now it means online security.