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Jackpot Slots vs Normal Slots

Jackpot Slots vs Normal Slots

Though aesthetically, there are not that many big differences between a new UK casino jackpot game and a normal slots game, the financial rewards can be hugely different. Knowing the differences between these two types of slot games can have a big impact on which type of slots game you choose to play. Let’s take a look at the differences so that you are able to decide which the best style of game is for you.

Normal Casino Games

A normal casino game is also known as a non-progressive jackpot slot, regular slots, or fixed jackpot slot game. When this style of slots game is played, the amount of money you place on each spin on the reel has absolutely no impact on the amount of money you may be able to win. Neither does the number of times the reel has been turned in total. The winnings are fixed so are not controlled by any external factor other than luck to ensure that you win at all. On a normal casino game, you will be much more likely to win than on a casino jackpot game style slots machine but the amount of money will be less in total. For some players, it is more important that they win frequently than bigger amounts of money so that they are able to keep their interest in the slots game they are playing. Is the frequency of winning on a slots game the most important factor for you? If so, make sure that you are looking into playing the normal casino games before you spin the reel. Win up to 500 free spins when you register and deposit at Slots Baby.

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Casino Jackpot Games

More commonly referred to as the progressive jackpot slots game, the casino jackpot games are where the massive wins are hiding. The word “progressive” is the key with this type of slots game and something that you need to keep an eye on because it means that the total jackpot up for grabs is ever-changing and can vary at any time. The variables controlling this are the amount of money that you specifically are playing with and the number of times the reel has been turned across the entire game with all players playing. This means that when the online slot games is in full flow and there are many people playing on one specific casino jackpot game, the jackpot in question can be massive. A casino jackpot game never has a jackpot of £0 but once the jackpot has been won, it starts from a default jackpot prize which will be significantly less than it was when it was won. Our advice with this style of slots game would be to wait until the progressive jackpot total has built up to a large amount before you begin playing. There may be more people in competition for winning but if you are lucky enough to win, you will reap an incredible reward and may even be fortunate enough to become a multi-millionaire in just one spin of the reel.