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Is it Hard to Count Cards?

Card count in blackjack

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Blackjack has been a spectacular casino game that usually records robust patronage from different kinds of players.

Strategies have also become an essential part of the game, as players keep devising them to keep performing better. Like online slots, such strategies do not take away luck in the game in any light. However, they have seen players avoiding very costly mistakes that could result in losses to their gameplay.         

Having said that, it's worthy of note that some strategies are also bereft of appropriateness to the player, opponents, and the casino. Card counting is one of such strategies to have become very controversial among players. Slots Baby explains the reason behind the controversy, why it's hard to achieve, and why you may likely fail at it.

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What does card counting entail?

What is Card counting? It is a move to beat the casino by keeping track of the tiniest details of every hand in the game.

Card counting players technically avoid some play patterns, take less bold and audacious risks, and maintain a record of hands. Where the game is favourable to them, they move swiftly with hands that would likely have them winning a round. Where the game is unfavourable and hard to track, they remain on the conservative path all through, monitoring every hand at the table.

Card counting is a very hard thing to do, as it comes with several hours of study and experiments. Mastery of technical, mathematical, and intuitive details of games usually become a must for card counters. There are thousands of books written on card counting, with a google search also providing thousands of results on it.

It's an old but tricky strategy you don't see in slots but mostly blackjack, and hardly produces the intended results.

Why is card counting hard to achieve?

Card counting is pretty much frowned upon by most casinos in countries where the trick is prevalent. The following are the reasons it's hard to count cards:

Experiments are different from real-money casino experience

As a card counter, it could take hours and long study sessions to study and memorize so many rule variations - as skill is essential, unlike casinos games like the uk online slot titles. You will learn a plethora of playing indices, systems of card counting, as well as keeping risks to the barest minimum. These and more are what you take to the blackjack table when you play in a real-money casino.

Considering most casino staff members are properly trained at detecting card counters, the whole thing takes a different turn. A few pointers are enough for them to conclude a player is counting and act swiftly. So, card counters find it hard to successfully practice all they have learnt in private at the blackjack table.

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It won't take time before you are caught

As a card counter, you'd have to be extremely skilled to not blow your cover in a real-money casino. With even your opponents looking to uncover your secrets, you can't do it for long and not get caught. Just a slight notice is enough to convince them a player is counting.

Where it all adds up, the player is asked to quit the game and sent out of the casino. Some casinos in America and Europe take photos of the player and forward same to other casinos alongside the player's details. It'd be in your best interest to avoid such embarrassing moments.

It takes too long to execute successfully

With casinos intentionally making it hard for players to beat their games, card counting has never been more difficult.

Even if a player manages to maneuver his way, it takes too long to accomplish it. This is because missing one, just one rule, index, or play pattern, crashes the whole strategy. Once you choose a card counting strategy, you must follow it up adeptly; else, you lose everything.

Following it up with success at the table is a marathon task, which is best for you to steer clear of.

Distractions are a must

The noisy and boisterous nature of casinos, as well as the inherent annoyance usually felt toward players are all distracting factors.

These factors inhibit most card counters' ability to remain fully focused on the game, without faltering at different rounds. And you could ultimately lose several rounds on end. So, when you manage to shove every other thing aside, including the casino staff, you have to grapple with steadying your attention.

Last Notes

Card counting has barred so many players from playing games in casinos closest to them. In effect, they travel kilometers and miles away from their cities just to play, because they are barred in their cities.  

Successful card counting players have found it difficult to win the thousands and millions they had envisaged all along. This suffices to state that the herculean self-imposed fraud of a task is not profitable enough. Instead, you could learn other worthwhile strategies and win massively when you play blackjack and UK online slots on Slots Baby.