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How to Win at Slingo Slots - Gameplay Guide to Slingo

Slingo How to Win Money

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Slingo Originals created the concept of Slingo in the late nineties. This type of online slot game capitalised on the online slot boom and the popularity of bingo to create a unique experience.

Of course, Slingo slots are no longer totally unique as Slingo Originals has developed a ton of variations on the original format in their time. Some of these include adding extra features, while others are redesigns of popular online slots- rebranded to fit the Slingo mould.

If it is so successful, what exactly is Slingo?

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What is a Slingo Slot Game?

A Slingo game is a mix between video slots and online bingo games. The game requires the player to spin a set of reels and mark off a series of numbers from a card.

The player must place a stake for every game they play, and Slingo usually gives the player eleven spins per round. This number can fluctuate depending on the Slingo game you are playing, but Slingo is generally a short game.

How to Play Slingo Games Online?

The player starts a game by placing their stake and will receive a card of five numbers. They then must spin the reels on the grid above. Once the reels stop, the player can mark off any number that matches those on their card. Slingo slot machine games will often opt for 75 balls. The aim of the game is to mark off all your numbers before the eleven spins run out. A complete card is called a Slingo.

Pay outs differ between variations. For example, some Slingo slots will reward players for completing one Slingo; others will require the player to achieve multiple Slingo’s, climbing a ladder to win bigger prizes.

Now that we know how to play Slingo, how do we stand a chance of winning?

How to win at Slingo?

Like regular slot games, Slingo offers different prizes for different outcomes. For instance, a player can match a line on the grid in one of three ways- horizontally, vertically or diagonally. These will result in the same prize amount. Taking the Slingo Classic slot as our example, one line will reward the player with 200 points.

The Slingo Classic slot has a special symbol that can appear. Land it on a spin to receive an extra prize of 1,000 points. But, of course, these points are transferred for cash sums.

Next, we have the ladder technique. Most online Slingo games require the player to create more than one Slingo, and the prize amounts increase with the more Slingo matches. For example, Slingo Classic can reward players 11,000 points for a total of twenty one Slingo’s.

These are the ways a player can win at Slingo by using the standard method. However, there are other inclusions in Slingo that affect the game.

Slingo Slots Bonus Features

Slingo Originals include some features in their Slingo games. Regular players of these types of slots will come to recognise these, some of which you can use to help or hinder your progress. These Slingo bonus features include:


The joker symbol is the closest thing you will come to a wild symbol in Slingo. Land this symbol on a spin, and the game will allow you to mark off one number from a line.

Super Jokers:

These symbols act as an upgraded version of the joker. Land this on a spin, and the game will let you mark off one number from the entire grid. Thus, both types of jokers can bring you that much closer to your objective.


A blocker symbol will often take the form of an X or a devil in a game of Slingo. This feature is designed to hinder the player and you should try avoid it at all costs. Landing a blocker on a spin will cut off the pay line, so it does not count. Essentially, a blocker can waste one spin, and you don’t often have many to go around.


Once you have used all eleven spins, you are given a choice. You can place a further stake to spin the reels one last time or begin with a new card. This feature is especially helpful if you only have one number left. However, if you haven’t done well, it is best to move on to a new game.

Free Spins:

This is a modern addition to Slingo games and takes the scatter mechanic from regular slots. Land these a specific number of times to win some free spins.

These are all the ways to win at Slingo, but what games should you start with?

The Best Slingo Slots Games

Since Slingo Originals has lasted so long, they have developed many variations of their classic formula. You will find the very best of their games down below.

  • Slingo Classic: the first and most basic version of Slingo
  • Slingo Deal or No Deal: this version adds the mystery box element from the gameshow to Slingo.
  • Slingo Cascade: this version adds the cascade mechanic to keep the wins going.
  • Slingo Riches: this version has a huge max jackpot of £20,000.
  • Slingo Shuffle Roulette: this version combines Slingo with the very popular casino game, roulette.

Where to Play Slingo Slots Online?

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There we have it. Now you know how to play Slingo slot game and the best ways to win. Slingo tends to be a low stakes game, but don’t let that stop you from aiming for the big prizes. Just watch out for those pesky blockers when you play Slingo at Slot’s Baby today.

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*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to this slot game are subject to change at any time.