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How to play UK Blackjack

How to play UK Blackjack

As it stands right now, blackjack is one of the most popular table games in the world, available to play in person across many casinos, as well as online thanks to the breakthroughs in technology that has only improved the quality of these games outright! If you’ve played blackjack before then, you will know how fun it is to play when you play it right, this is where this article comes in.

Today we hope to educate those who might not be as clued up as some of the other players out there. If you are looking to master the art of blackjack, then you must know that it takes a lot of patience and discipline; you’ll no doubt lose a lot of games before you start making some actual money here. Treat these loses as a learning curve and you’ll find that you’ll turn the tables in no time! if you know the basics check if it is it hard to count cards!

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How to play?


So in blackjack, the goal is simple, you want to be getting as close as possible — or land directly — to the number 21. At the beginning of each game, you are going to be dealt with a handful of cards.

Each of these cards is represented by a different value depending on the sort of games you’re playing. UK blackjack is one of the more common played games of blackjack in the world right now, so try not to worry about the UK version being drastically different from other versions out there.

You will be facing other players as well as the dealer themselves in your efforts to come away with the pot here. The game begins with the dealer handing out a handful of cards to each player. The player will then get a chance to mull over their cards and place their bets accordingly. To begin with, you’ll either have a hard hand or a soft hand. Depending on your hand should dictate the amount set down in your starting bet.

It is from this point moving forward that you will be given the chance to either hit, split, double down or surrender. Each of these decisions will impact the rest of the game as it plays out in from of you. Expert blackjack players will know as soon as the cards are dealt with what sort of game they're in for; play smart, and you’ll come away with it all! For more info check our blackjack strategy chart!


Additional Info

There is a handful of unwritten rules that come with playing UK blackjack. First and foremost, you should never hold your cards under the table. You’d be surprised to learn how many cheaters there are in this game and having your hands under the table often comes with the connotations that you’re doing something you shouldn’t.

Never hand your money straight to the dealer either. There are chips on the table for a reason. Put your chips down next to the cards that you want to play, and you’ll find that the game flows as intended. Get accustomed to the many hand movements that you use to communicate with the dealer also, it will help you trust us! To learn more about games follow this link.