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How to play Blackjack and beat the dealer

How to play Blackjack and beat the dealer

Blackjack — you’ve probably heard of it already by now, especially if you've seen out blackjack guide — is a game of immense skill and talent if played correctly. The game otherwise known as 21 has been around for quite a while now and has proven time and time again to be one of, if not the best online table game known to man. If these are your first steps into the world of blackjack, welcome! Cards counting is another strategy you can read here.

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How to play

Blackjack is a very simple game to master, this is probably why it is so accessible to a range of skill levels out there. The game begins when a dealer hands you cards — each card representing value of some kind. To win in blackjack, you will need to be getting as close as possible to the number 21 or risk busting.


Now the dealer, they are in place to try and stop you, as they themselves will be trying to chase that infamous 21 themselves. If for example, you end up with a 20 and the dealer ends up with 19, then you will be the victor as you happen to the closest to the desired outcome.

With every turn you will be given a decision to make, this decision will impact the way that you play throughout this slots sites game. To hit will be to call for another card with every turn. To double down is to increase your starting bet which will give you more cash if your hand comes through victorious. To split is to take two identical cards and run them as separate hands.

Once your starting cards have been handed to you, the best thing you can do at this moment is to identify whether or not your hand is a soft or heavy one. Depending on the sort of player you are, you’ll no doubt have your favourite hand to play with.

Soft hands are those that are relatively low, the sort of hand that comes with more chances to play a little loose as you will be able to hit multiple times and have minimal risk. A heavy hand on the other hand is one that limits your abilities. Check out our blackjack chart too!


The dealer

The dealer is responsible for a lot that goes on at the table. Not only are dealers an unbiased party, but they will be responsible for the distribution of cards as well as the taking of bets.

The dealer will always take their turn last, which gives you plenty of time to strategise and plan your attacks. Keep in mind that some casino games can have you playing with up to 7 people which can be a tad stressful, but there are methods you can use to keep yourself focused and in the right mentality.

Take advantage of the fact that the dealer makes their move last. You’ll have plenty of time to make the right moves knowing that the dealer is making their move last. Identify your hand and you shouldn’t have to worry about anything!