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How to count cards

How to count cards

So you’ve decided to up your game at the blackjack online casino table have you? Well, you’ve come to the right place for that. Counting cards in blackjack is a foolproof system that you can use to best any foe at the table with minimal risk involved if you can do it effectively. We should start this article by stating that not everyone will be able to count cards effectively, it takes years to perfect.

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Amuse friends, win pots, dominate the game, these are all things that card counting permit if you can do it successfully! Not everyone will be able to count cards that’s a straight up fact, but to those that can and will, welcome, now let’s get into it!


The act of counting cards is considered illegal in certain slots sites across the globe. If you are caught counting cards in these casinos, then you will be asked to leave and may actually be banned for life as a result. Those who can count cards effectively can do it so effectively that the dealer has no idea what they’re doing; what we’re saying here is: it’s your game if you want to play it. If you are playing against friends then why not? It’s good for practice really when you think about it. Click here for the blackjack strategy table!

Why do it?

Counting cards will give you a leg up on every other player on the table. Counting cards will allow you to predict outcomes that have not yet come to fruition successfully. As you can probably tell, knowing what your opponent is going to do before they even do it could be considered illegal tactics, especially in a game such as blackjack where there is a lot of cash on the line with every single game you play outright.

How to do it?


Counting cards will become second nature once you do it enough, all that it requires is patience and a lot of time. To begin, you will want to assign a value to every card in the deck — why you do this comes down to making your job easier when it comes to identifying which cards are already out on the table as you play.

Once the cards are dealt, you will then subtract the value (the likelihood) of another card being dealt in turn. This essentially allows you to identify which cards are in the hands of fellow players and which cards lay face down on the table that is in the dealer's possession. Depending on how skilled you are at counting on the fly will dictate the accuracy of your predictions outright.

Keeping a running count of the cards out on the table at every moment can be incredibly difficult, especially if you are relatively new to the card counting game, this is partly the reason why beginners will hone in on one card in particular: the ace. Knowing how many ace cards are on the field will give you enough information to know how to proceed given how effective this card can be. To find more games follow this link.