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How to count cards in online casino blackjack

How to count cards in online casino blackjack

When done correctly, counting cards can be the easiest way to fast track your way to success when you play blackjack table. Wins and losses are important in blackjack, which is why it is important to hone your skills with every defeat and victory. Counting cards is a fool proof system that allows you to stay ahead of the curve, but what about in online blackjack, do the rules still apply? Let’s find out. For the simple blackjack rules click here.

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Counting cards has been around for quite a while now and has been the focal point to a lot of blackjack players game out there; not everyone will be able to count cards as not only is it difficult, but it’s also frowned upon in various casinos which can ban you outright for doing so.

With online blackjack however, you are playing against a CPU, one that cannot tell if you are counting cards at the table since you are looking through a screen — even live versions of blackjack, you could easily train yourself to count cards for the day that you might need to do it out in person. If you are wondering what is card counting, click the above link!


How to count cards in general

In blackjack you can play up to seven players, every game has multiple cards passed around that all offer something different score-wise depending on the sorts of games you’re playing — for example an ace can either be a 1 or an 11 depending on the online game. When counting cards, you are actively searching for the whereabouts of lost cards through the process of elimination.

If you know that three other players on the board have a 10 in their possession and you don’t, then it’s probably going to be in the cards facing down at the beginning of the round from the dealer or still in the deck. This allows you to strategise and form ways of coming out on top; you’re essentially knowing future outcomes before they happen through counting.

To make things a little easier, you’ll want to be assigning value to each of the cards out on the table. Many card counters will focus on one card in particular rather than all of them, but if you are skilled enough you will no doubt count them all. Keep a running order — which requires intense discipline and mental prowess might we add.

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Can you count cards online?

This depends entirely on the games that you are playing outright. Various games only leave an allotted amount of time before you need to press a button in order to continue the game. This pressure can make you lose count and potentially lose the hand if you are not careful. There’s no going back or pausing the game either.

Many online blackjack games have implemented continuous shuffle machines that make card counting almost impossible as it is therefore harder to predict which cards are going to revealed from the dealer as he deals them given your knowledge of the cards within the deck. To find more games, click on this link.