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Free Spins No Deposit 2021

free spins no deposit

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The words free spins are thrown around all over casino sites. They are as synonymous with playing slot games as the RTP rate or volatility. We all know what they are but how many of us know what they really mean?

Free spins are great. Usually players have to work very hard in game and make multiple real money deposits to get the chance to win some free spins. But is there a way to get some free spins without making a deposit.

In fact that answer is actually yes. So, what are the best ways to earn some no deposit free spins in 2021?

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What are free spins no deposit?

The idea of getting free spins with no deposit is quite strange on the surface. Surely they are all free since they are free spins.

Not necessarily. In the above paragraph I mentioned how players can win free spins as a bonus when playing a new slots uk game. Most modern slot games have this feature. These spins do come at a cost however. Players need to have made a deposit already to get to this stage in the game. This can be quite low start with but will soon build to significant amount of real money paid the longer the game goes on.

In essence these in game free spins are not really free.

What we mean by free spins no deposit is that the player does not need to put forward any money or deposits at all to get these free spins. It sounds far too good to be true however it is entirely possible to gain free spins with no deposit.

Finding free spins no deposit 2021

Now that we know exactly what free spins no deposit means, how do we go about finding these spins? There are a couple of methods that players can use in 2021 to get this type of free spins.

  • Taking advantage of a welcome offer- for those seeking to start playing slot games in 2021, a welcome offer is the best way to get some free spins with no deposit. This is a bonus that players can use when first signing up to a casino site. One such offer is an amount of free spins. These spins can be used across the sites catalogue of slots and are perfect way to introduce the player to the format and help them find the type of slot game they will enjoy. Once these free spins are up the player then needs make a deposit to keep playing.
  • Taking advantage of another type of bonus- the welcome offer isn’t the only bonus that casino sites offer players. There are also loyalty bonuses, reload bonuses and free spin bonuses attached to certain slot games, for example players can receive 500 free spins on Starburst when they visit Slots Baby.
  • Free Slots- Another roundabout way to play with free spins no deposit is by using a free slot site. A free slot site is a place that players can go to play online uk slot games for free. They do not have to make a deposit and get to play the entire slot just as they normally would. In other words, every spin in these types of game is free.

These are the most common ways to earn free spin no deposit and as you can see it is not that hard to find a way to play slots like this. So, why do casino sites offer so many free spins?

Why play with free spins no deposit 2021?

The most popular way to encounter free spins no deposit is in a type of bonus. Whether it is your first time signing up or the casino site is rewarding you for long term play, free spins are always used as part of a bonus.

This is because spinning the reels is a fundamental part of playing slot games. Therefore these free spins aren’t just a way to reward players. They serve an extra function.

For new players, they can use these to familiarise themselves with the process of playing slot games. Free spins are a great hand holding tool to showcase the volatility, hit rate and bonus features that a slot game has to offer. They get all of this without the risk of losing any real money.

With existing players, free spins no deposit are just a nice bonus that can help them earn some extra rewards. They know what these spins mean and how to use them.

Free spins are used as a bonus as frequently as they are so well known and versatile.

Can you win real money when using free spins no deposit?

That is the hardest question to answer as it really depends on the nature of the free spins and how the player receives them.

To put things bluntly straight off the bat, playing free slots will not allow players to win real money when playing this way. The player does not make a deposit and therefore they are unable to withdraw a multiplication of their deposit. That makes sense.

With a welcome offer the lines are usually blurred. It all depends on the casino site and whether they allow players to win real money with these free spins. It is not very common for sites to let players win real money with a welcome offer but it is not unheard of.

The way in which a player can most often win real money with free spins no deposit is by utilising another type of bonus. Casino sites that reward players with a loyalty bonus are far more likely to allow their players to win real money with these free spins. This is because they are rewarding the player for their loyalty and want the customer to stick around. A free spin no deposit bonus is a fantastic way of rewarding their loyal players and they reward them with real money opportunities.

All the information about whether you can win real money when playing slots will be detailed within the wagering requirements.

Wagering Requirements and Free spins

When player’s first sign up to use a casino site for the first time or receive a free spins no deposit bonus they will be asked to read a set of terms and conditions. Within these terms and conditions players can find the wagering requirements for the offer they have just received.

These wagering requirements are a list of things the player must have done to unlock the bonus. For example, if a player is given a loyalty bonus they will have had to have been consistently logging in to the casino site for a period of time that will be stated.

Within these requirements, players will find the information regarding winning real money and playing with free spins no deposit.

How to find free spins no deposit offer in 2021

We know what these free spins no deposit offers are but how does one find them. Follw these steps and you will be fine.

  • Step 1- Find a casino site with the offer you are looking for.
  • Step 2- If you have not done so, hit the register button on the home screen. All casino sites make the way in which you register really obvious.
  • Step 3- follow the sign up process and ensure that you have provided your email address and verified your casino account. If you do not verify your account then you will not be able to withdraw any money from it.
  • Step 4- Check with the casino sites promotions page to see if you can find any more free spins no deposit offers that you meet the requirements for. You can’t have too many free spins.

As you can see, playing slots with free spins no deposit in 2021 is very easy.

Winning Real Money at slots

If you want to win real money with free spins no deposit, always find the right type of bonus and read the terms and conditions of this offer. There are always methods to win with free spins no deposit, it may just take the right scenario.

If this sounds like something you might enjoy, why not search the promotions page at Slots Baby to see if there are any free spin no deposit offers that you could be using in 2021. Alternatively, they have more offers such as 500 free spins on Starburst that you could be using right now.