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Free Slots No Deposit UK

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No Deposit Bonuses

There is an old saying that states that there is no such thing in life as a free lunch. It basically means that nothing good in life comes without you having to pay for it and generally this is the case.

That’s right, we are about to look at some ways that you can play free slots without deposit.

£10 Deposit for Casino Games

Slots Welcome Bonuses

When signing up to an online casino for the first time, players will be hit with a slew of promotions. These are called welcome bonuses. The point of a welcome bonus is to ensure that new players are enticed over to play the slots at this casino. There are plenty of these available and they can come in multiple forms and some require no deposit. These include:

  • A free deposit bonus - This is a bonus that gifts players with a certain amount of credit to use on the casinos slot games.
  • Free Spin Bonus- A surplus of free spins are gifted to the player to use on the new online slots games that the site provides.

There are two no deposit welcome bonuses that allow players to play slots games for free. But what about the UK?

No deposit Slots offers in the UK

In the UK, these offers are no different. Just take a look at some of the free slots no deposit bonus welcome that these UK Casinos have on offer right now:

  • An online casino offers players 50 free spins when they register
  • You can get 100 free spins when you sign up to another uk casino
  • A slot site is offering £10 as a free deposit

As you can see, you can still play free slots no deposit with a welcome bonus in the UK. Are there any differences to casino bonuses between regions?

UK Slots Gambling laws

Where you may find some discrepancies between free slots no deposit bonus offers in the UK is in their gambling laws. Some laws are in place that may affect how you play free slot games using a welcome offer and these include:

  • The legal gambling age- the legal age to gamble in UK Casinos is 18. That means that you cannot partake in any casino activity until you reach that age, regardless of whether you are playing free slots.
  • Ban on credit cards- it is illegal to use a credit card to make a make a deposit on an online casino based in the UK. You are required to provide card details when registering with a casino site even when you are taking advantage of a free deposit bonus. In the UK these details cannot belong to a credit card.

The differences are few and far between when using a UK casino but their existence does make perfect legal sense. It is important to know these laws before you partake in free slots with no deposit.

Other ways to play free slots no deposit

If you are an experienced slot player and do not want to sign up to new online casinos to play free slots with no deposits there other ways to do so. These include

  • Demo Slots - Slot developers put out demonstrations of their slots games for players to try before the full game is released. These slot demos are available to play for free, however they are only available to play for a limited time.
  • Free slots mode- there are some slot games out there that offer a free to play mode. This is a version of the exact same slot game only you do not need to make a deposit to play. Starburst, Book of Dead and Gonzo’s Quest are fantastic examples of these.

I have presented three ways in which players can play free slots with no deposit, however they all come with the same crushing downside.

No withdrawing money

If you play slot games either by using a free deposit, by playing a demo slot or playing in free mode, you will not be able to withdraw any money that you win. The function of these devices are for players to get used to the slot games or play for fun. It is extremely rare that you will come across a way to play free slots no deposit that allows you to win real money. That goes for UK casino players too.


If you are slot player that is looking to play free slots with no deposit, there are certainly ways that you can do so. Unfortunately, if you want to play free slots no deposit UK and actually win money, sadly you are out of luck.