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Free Online Casino Bonus No Deposit Required

Free Casino Bonus No Deposit

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For a lot of casino bonuses players will need to have made a deposit of some kind to enjoy online gaming slots. Whether that is because it is a requirement of the bonus or because the bonus is unlocked after a certain period of time, it seems that you always inevitably end up paying for the bonus in some way.

That is not always true. There are some ways that you can enjoy a free online casino bonus without deposit.

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What is an online casino bonus?

The best online casino bonus no deposit is an offer given to players as reward when playing slot games online. This can be given out for a number of different reasons but always acts as a way for the casino site to keep the player spinning.

Whether you are a new player or experienced player, there will be an online casino bonus that you can take advantage of. However, not all of these are free.

Can you really find a free online casino bonus with no deposit required?

Types of no deposit bonuses

There are a few types of no deposit bonuses that you can find. These are types of bonuses that do not require the payer to put forward any real money to unlock the free slot game bonus. In other words, it is free. These can take the form of:

  • A free deposit amount- This is a certain amount of credit that can be used to play the slot games on the casino site. It basically acts as your deposit for a period of time. The free deposit amount is never a lucrative amount, most sites stick to the £10 limit, but it is still a nice bonus to receive.
  • Free Spins- these are given out to players and can be used on any slot game on the casino site. They allow the player to spin the reels in the game with no deposit required Again they get to play completely free. Casino sites are far more likely to give out a lot more free spins than the free deposit amount. There are some sites that offer up to 1000 free spins as a no deposit bonus.

Now that we know exactly what these free online casino bonuses no deposit required are, how does on go about getting these bonuses?

Finding free online casino bonuses no deposit required

As previously mentioned, these no deposit bonuses can be given to players both new and old as a reward. Here’s how you can find a free online casino bonus no deposit required.

  • A welcome bonus- this is a bonus exclusively for new players. When signing up to a casino site for the first time, the casino will reward players with a no deposit bonus. This can either be a free deposit amount, some free spins or a combination of the two. The idea behind this is to try and get these new players to use their casino site over others. Players get to sample all of the slot games that they like however, when the bonus runs out they will need to make a real money deposit of their own. This way the casino site can keep their custom. It is beneficial to both parties.
  • A loyalty bonus- this is pretty much given to players for the opposite reason than the welcome bonus. The no deposit bonus is given to players to keep them playing at that site. It is unlocked after the player has been playing the slot games on that site for a certain period of time. The free spins or free deposit amount is gifted to the player to show that the casino site values their custom and is an attempt to keep them spinning the reels at their site. Some may consider this not to be a no deposit bonus as you do need to play for a long time to meet the requirements for the bonus. That means making lots of deposits but in the interest of this discussion it still counts as you do not need to make a specific deposit for the no deposit bonus.
  • A reload bonus- this is very rare and a bonus that casino sites hope never to give. It comes when you have not signed in to play at the site anymore and the no deposit bonus is offered as way to tempt the player back. They get to play slot games for free for just a bit and are reminded of all the great games they may be missing out on. The hope for the casino site is that they decide to make another deposit again. It is a gentle reminder.

To find out whether or not you qualify to play any free online casino games no deposit required, always check the casino site promotions page.

Wagering requirements

When you sign up to use a no deposit casino bonus, you will be presented with a set of terms and conditions. These are extremely important as they detail the wagering requirements of the bonus. This is a set of criteria that you will need to meet to be awarded with a casino bonus.

The clearest example of this is in the welcome bonus. The only requirement you need to meet to unlock this bonus is being a new player on that site.

The wagering requirements are also important as they detail everything you will get out of the deal from how long it will last whether or not you will win real money. Speaking of which.

Can you win real money playing with a free online casino bonus?

There is a common myth among no deposit bonuses and it states that players will never win real money when playing with a free spin or free deposit amount. This is somewhat true. Players will have to check the terms and conditions of the bonus to find out whether or not the casino site will let them withdraw any money won with their bonus.

It is far rarer for a site to let players withdraw money from a welcome bonus. This is because the player has not put anything into the site to receive a win of real money. With the loyalty bonus and the reload bonus, the casino site is deliberately trying to remind the player of everything good about playing slot games and that includes winning real money.

Therefore, bonuses aimed at existing players are far more likely to pay out real money than those aimed at new players. It isn’t a hard and fast rule so I suggest reading up on the terms and conditions before you start playing.

Other bonuses

The alternative to the no deposit bonus at casino sites is the deposit bonus. This is given out to players for many of the same reasons ass the no deposit version only it requires them to actually put forward some money of their own as a deposit first.

Some examples of a deposit bonus are:

  • A matched deposit bonus- this is a bonus that aims to match the exact amount that you first deposit in the form of credit. If you deposit £20, the casino site will give the player £20 worth of casino credit on top to use. It keeps the player spinning for longer and makes them feel appreciated.
  • An additional deposit amount- this works very much in the same way as the matched deposit only the amount is fixed. Whether you first deposit £10 or £50 the casino site will only give you a further £10 worth of credit to play with.
  • A percentage bonus- this is probably the one that will affect the player the most. With a percentage bonus, the player will receive an additional percentage of real money when they win on a slot. Of course this is all dependent on how much you actually manage to win and usually only lasts once.

As you can probably guess from the percentage bonus, the main benefit that the deposit bonus has over the no deposit bonus is that you are far more likely to able to win real money with this bonus. That is because you are actually putting forth a wager and so you can win a multiplier of this bet.

The no deposit bonus will always remain the best type of bonus for those wishing to to try out a casino site or slot game for the first time.


It is entirely possible to play slot games for free with a free online casino bonus no deposit required. However, do not expect to win large sums and always read the terms and conditions before you take part in a deal. Either way, have fun playing free slots.