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Five Simple Steps to Smart Gambling

Five Simple Steps to Smart Gambling

1.) Don’t Gamble under the influence

An obvious but critical first step before you even consider playing casino games. Gambling under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs can be very damaging. As it will impair your judgement, giving you more confidence which could lead to you doing something you wouldn’t normally. If you were to lose large sums of cash due to this, it wouldn’t be recoverable. Online Casinos are there to make money and won’t give a refund for your own mistake.

2.) Deposit only what you can afford to lose

Sticking to a budget and being strict with it is important for any gambler. Whether you have a big or small budget having the self-control to stick with it is vital. If you can manage this successfully then it means gambling will never have a significantly negative impact. Meaning you can keep yourself financially secure whilst enjoying some of the best online slots. We recommend setting a weekly or monthly budget, as its much easier to measure and if you spend it too soon you won’t have long to wait before you can play again.

3.) Play with fun as a priority

If you want to be a smart and responsible gambler then playing for entertainment should be your sole purpose. All online slots and casino games are built in favour of the house, so in terms of probability you shouldn’t be making money in the long run. So, treat gaming as any other form of entertainment that you pay for. But, when you do get those big wins you can treat them as a bonus and a little something back. We recommend using Slots Baby, they have some thoroughly entertaining online slot games available.

4.) Take Breaks

The fourth step reinforces the point made in the last one. When the fun stops its important to take a break from the gambling. Playing for extremely long periods of time can be unhealthy and lead to addiction. Additionally, it can damage your own financial stability and security. So, get out, keep active, visit friends and ensure gambling doesn’t interfere with you keeping a healthy social and work life. Then once you’ve taken a long or short break you can jump straight back into your favourite games.

5.) Don’t chase losses, know your limits

This one links back nicely to step two, you have to know your limits. Whether that be a £20 or £2,000 budget once you hit the limit you need to stop. This will ensure you’re gambling responsibly with only what you can personally afford. Its important if you’re on a losing streak and hit the budget that you don’t then chase the loss. As this could lead to you losing huge sums of cash rather than gaining back your budget. So, could lead to you losing things that you need just for the chance of getting back your disposable budget that you had originally set. If you enjoyed this then go read up on our post about the 2018 World Cup.