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Casino Jackpot Types For Dummies

Casino Jackpot Types For Dummies

Finding the best slots game to play when you are playing online can be a confusing and sometimes time-consuming business, but researching before you begin playing can be hugely beneficial. This is because you can end up winning larger quantities of cash through bigger jackpots, winning more often, and being able to keep your attention when you find the right style of slots game for you. Finding the best style of slots will ensure that you are best entertained and you are satisfied fully by your gaming experience. But it is not only the different games that you need to look into, but it is also the different styles of the online casino that will make a big difference to how much you enjoy your play. Let’s take a look at them to discover the pros and cons of each so that you are well prepared for making the best slots game choice for you next time you play.

Different Types of Casinos

There are multiple different types of casinos that you can take advantage of when you are playing slots games online. The reason for this is so that all types of players can have their needs met. Where the styles of casinos differ is between the size of the jackpots and how your playing can affect your potential to win. The most common two styles of casino jackpot styles are the progressive and the non-progressive which are fairly self-explanatory by their names. To briefly describe them, the progressive slots casino jackpots increase their value whereas the non-progressive slots casino jackpots stay fixed at one specific value. There is no one type of casino jackpot slots game which can be classed as being better than the other as this is very much a subjective decision to be made by each gamer. But you must be sure that you are aware of what each style of slots games means for you before you start playing so that you enjoy playing your slots game.

Non-progressive Slots Casino Jackpot Games

This style of the slots game is classed as the “normal” style of slots game when you are playing online. Not because you should aim for this style of slot but because it was the original style of slots game developed and the more popular style played online. Its most common name is that of the non-progressive jackpot slot but you can also regularly see this type of slots game being referred to as the regular slot or the fixed jackpot slots game. This is because the amount of money that you are able to win does not alter in any way despite how many people may be playing, despite how much money you are placing on each bet of the reel, or despite how long you may have been playing. It is only luck that can assist in your likelihood of winning this slot type.

Love of Fixed Slots

Fixed slots casino jackpot games are loved because there is absolutely no guesswork in them. You know what you are getting and you aren’t going to be disappointed by the result. These are also great slot games because they enable people without enormous bankrolls to be able to participate and be in with a chance of winning considerable values of cash. The reason that fixed slots or slots of the non-progressive variety are enjoyed so much is that they enable you to win more frequently. You do not have to wait for a particularly long period of time to be able to win, although the amount of money you will be able to win will never be as big as the amount you can win when you are playing on a progressive slots game. But if you are the type of person who gets bored easily, has a short attention span, or needs to see some form of return on as many reels spins as possible, then the fixed slot is the best way for you to play slots online.

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Progressive Slots Casino Jackpot Games

This is the more common name for the casino jackpot games slots and if you are wanting to test your luck to see if you can win the big bucks then this is where you want to be playing your slots games. It is on this style of slots game where the multi-millionaires can be made with just one spin of the reel. The jackpots in this slots game style continue to grow until the jackpot has been won, although even when this exciting time happens, there is still a good amount of cash in the jackpot pot even when it reverts back to its default prize. Progressive jackpots can be increased by the number of people playing the game, the number of times the wheel has been spun, the amount of credit which is being placed on each spin of the reel and the length of time the players have each been playing for. The sheer scale of the jackpots in the style of slots game draws in big numbers of players but you need to keep checking what the value of the jackpots are as they are ever-changing and therefore are not always as life-changing as they may have appeared to be at any one time. Though the progressive slots have the potential to be enormous winners, some players find this style of slots game frustrating because they are not games that payout as frequently as the fixed slot or the non-progressive slots game. Usually, this is because the jackpot needs to build more to entice more players. If you are wanting to play this style of slots game then you should always check the size of the jackpot before you start playing and if it is not at a considerable sum, take your play elsewhere until the jackpot has risen some more. You may think this is a strange thing to say, but you will be happy that this has been mentioned if you are lucky enough to be the winner and end up winning a considerably larger sum of money just by waiting for a couple of minutes to play whilst the jackpot builds.

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Love of Progressive Slots Games

As the love for progressive new UK slots games is increasing this seems to correlate with their popularity too. Though they are not on the same popularity scale as fixed slots, this is beginning to change and there are very specific types of players that progressive slots cater to the needs of. The stereotypical type of player is someone who has a larger bankroll and who can afford to spin the reel for a number of times without any return. This is not something that everyone can afford to do, so it does mean that the progressive slots game is more specialist for people with more cash to splash. However, this style of the slots game is loved more due to the excitement it brings as the amount of money often up for grabs is enormous. This can be in the millions or the multi-millions often, so many players are happy to forsake a couple of spins where they are winning no return to be in with a chance of winning the jackpot. Also, if you are a slots player who likes to increase your levels of excitement then these are the style of slots games that you should be playing because the anticipation surrounding progressive slots game is much greater than that surrounding the non-progressive games. 

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Multiple Jackpot Progressive Slots

For many people, it is often that they look for a way to combine the excitement of big wins with the increased security of having more ways in which they can win and, in this situation, there is another option for you to look in to. There are actually progressive slots games where there are multiple different jackpots all contained within one game that is up for grabs. Each jackpot can be won individually and they open the availability up to a much wider player base. This means that the number of slots games available to the progressive slots investor is much larger. A well-known example of a multiple jackpot progressive slots game is that of the Mega Moolah slots game. This has consistently been in the top charts for progressive slots games for the last few years since its release and there are many different variations on this hugely popular classic. Keep reading to find out more about the marvellous Mega Moolah multiple jackpot progressive slots game.

Progressive Slots with Multiple Jackpots.

Most of the larger casinos online can be home to Mega Moolah progressive slots game. It is easy to play fun-themed and clever game with cute graphics all over the reels. It has an African Safari theme and this is definitely one of the reasons that it has been so successful, as its theme is not gender orientated to its players and keeps you entertained for longer periods of time. But we have to discuss the jackpot available with this slots game because this is where its popularity really comes in to play. So that there is no player ostracised, there are actually four different sizes of jackpots that take all player budgets into consideration. This means that anyone who wants to increase the size of their potential win can be in with a chance of doing so but does not have to go all out and play only on the progressive slots. This is a clever game because it is a halfway house between the progressive and non-progressive style of slots so keeps gamers very happy. The jackpots all increase as the number of players, reel turns and input of budget increases, but there are multiple ways in which you can win one of the four jackpots and these are open to any bankroll size. The different jackpots are broken down in the following way: mini, minor, major, and mega. These names describe the size of the potential wins you are able to get your hands on if you are lucky enough to win a jackpot whilst playing this style of progressive slots with multiple jackpots.

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Mega Moolah Slots

A fun, animal-based progressive slots game with multiple different jackpot sizes for you to try and win, Mega Moolah has been a long-standing hit with slots players around the world. Catering to the needs of players with every size of the budget, it is good to know that the minimum size of the mega jackpot prize is never less than £1,000,000. An amount of money which could be great to anyone who was fortunate enough to win this quantity of cash by playing on their favourite slots game. There are other reasons for Mega Moolah being so popular though, and these reasons are often due to the number of free spins that are up for grabs which playing and the fact that any wins occurring during the time of your free spins feature are tripled in their value. This can lead to some substantial size of cash wins and is a nice bonus brought to you by Mega Moolah that many players do not expect from a progressive slots-style game. This is a safari-themed slots game with all of your favourite animal characters appearing on the reel to keep you company as you play. But if you want to look for something a little different in the progressive slots game ranks, then why not take a look at some of the following games for an alternative:

  • Major Millions 5 Reel – A cartoon style, Army themed, five-reel slots game with big wins on the 15th pay lines;
  • Cash Splash 5 Reel Drive – A bar and card-playing style progressive slots game where five times the maximum bet can be won;
  • Treasure Nile – Ideally suited for any Ancient Egyptian fanatics, are the hieroglyphs showing you the way to the hidden treasure of the Gods where the big jackpot is buried?

*Any Free Spins/Welcome Bonuses References are subject to the following: NEW PLAYERS ONLY, MIN DEPOSIT £10, MAX BONUS EQUAL TO LIFETIME DEPOSITS (UP TO £250), 65X WAGERING REQUIREMENTS AND FULL T&CS APPLY