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Can you count cards in Live Casinos?

Can you count cards in Live Casinos?

Have you ever tried counting cards in online blackjack before? It’s the quickest way to best your competition and practically win every hand set out in front of you. All the experts are doing it, so why aren’t you? Are you not sick and tired of having a spell of bad luck the moment you enter the table? Why not change all that today!

Counting cards is a very taboo subject in general, as various casinos don’t look too fondly on those that do this technique out on the table (it’s considered illegal and can actually get your permanently banned from a casino if you are going to try this). But what about live online versions of blackjack we hear you say, well, let’s look into that shall we. For explanation on blackjack strategy chart click here.

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Can you do it?

Is it hard to count cards in online blackjack? Yes, it really is. Just because the dealer can’t see where your eyes are going doesn’t mean that there is a timer in place for you to make your next move. In online blackjack there are buttons you need to press in order to advance the game, taking too long can cost you the hand, trust us on this one.

We would recommend that if you are going to try counting cards in live versions of online blackjack, that you do it sparingly unless you are incredibly gifted at counting cards. Various veteran blackjack players use these sorts of online games as practice areas where they can hone their skills with little to no worries at all.

Keep in mind that if you are then going to transition into your more CPU-orientated versions of online blackjack, that you still have a timer on when you need to make your next move by. In addition, many of these sites will have a system in place that will actively reshuffle the cards in the deck as you play, making it impossible for you to predict which card is coming from the dealer next despite memorising the cards they’ve placed back into the deck.

Why count cards?

Counting cards is a way of besting the dealer and every other player around you each and every time. Depending on how your hand is looking, you’ll be winning pretty much every game you start counting the cards outright. Counting cards allows you to predict the movements of every other player at the table perhaps before they’ve even made it!


You first need to assign a value onto the cards you see on the board. Beginners will find that assigning value to only a couple of cards will help to train them for some of the more intermediate strategies that you can implement. You will need to keep a running order of the cards as they are cast. Losing count can cause you to fumble and lose your hand, so try to hone your mental skills before counting the cards outright. To learn more, click here.