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Blackjack: How to Play this Casino Game

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Playing Blackjack online

Blackjack is a game that entails the use of a great playing strategy that combines a neat set of rules to inform players of the best methods with which to play every hand if you must win. Blackjack strategies are mathematically correct and help to maximize the chance of a punter bagging a lot of cash whilst they minimize the amount they lose. If you are wondering why you need so much mathematics for blackjack, it is basically because this casino game depends on so much calculation on the part of the player if they must win. Even when you play at slots baby, a good strategy will come in handy; for more straightforward games, you can always play some new online slots.

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Blackjack Terminologies Explained

Blackjack has specific terminologies that must be understood by players beforehand. Below are the most important ones.

  • Hit: here, you ask for another card. The player can ask for a hit until they decide to stand, it not bust
  • stand: here you decide that you take no extra cards. The dealer can then decide to play this hand
  • Double Down: You can double your bet amount + an extra card + stand
  • Split: You do that if you have two cards of exact values, you can go ahead to split them into two individual hands. The bet here is the same as the original bet, so basically doubling your bet.
  • Surrender: Here, you may surrender half of your bet amount if you assume you stand a chance of losing the hand.
  • Insurance: If the upcard of the dealer is an Ace, you can decide to take insurance, which is an extra bet that is half the value of your initial bet. What you are doing here is essentially wagering on the chances of the dealer getting a blackjack.

Blackjack Single deck – Basic Approach

Blackjack has some basic strategies every player must know, and they’re highlighted in the chart below.

Your Hand                        Dealer's Upcard


8                                           Double on 5 to 6. If not, hit

9                                           Double on 2 to 6. If not, hit

10                                         Double on 2 to 9. If not, hit

11                                         If not, double

12                                         Stand on 4 to 6. If not, hit

13 to 16                              Always stand on 2 to 6. If not, hit

17 to 21                              Stand always

A,2 to A,5                           Always double on 4 to 6. If not, hit

A,6                                      Always double on 2 to 6. If not, hit

A,7                                      Always double on 3 to 6. Always stand on 2,7,8 or A

                                            Hit on 9 or 10

A,8                                     Always double on 6. If not, stand

A,9                                     Always stand

A, A                                    Always split

2,2                                     Always split on 3 to 7. If not, hit

3,3                                     Always split on 4 to 7. If not hit

4,4                                     Do same as 8 above

5,5                                     Do same as 10 above

6,6                                     Always split on 2 to 6. If not hit

7,7                                    Always Split on 2 to 7. Ensure to on 10. If not hit

8,8                                    Always split

9,9                                   Always split on 2 to 9 apart from 7. Always stand on 7,10 or A

10,10                                Stand always

The chart above assumes that the casino does not allow doubling down after splitting a pair.  Opt for the following rules if the opposite is the case.

Blackjack single deck bets for doubling down.

Blackjack strategy for doubling are highlighted in the chart below.

Your Hand    vs. Dealer's Upcard

2,2                     Always split on 2 to 7.  If not, hit

3,3                     Always split on 2 to 7.  If not, hit

4,4                     Always split on 4,5 or 6. If not, hit

6,6                     Always split on 2 to 7. If not, hit

7,7                     Always split on 2 to 8.   Always stand on 10. If not, hit.

Blackjack Gameplay Tips

Blackjack strategies can be memorized easily, and here are a few important details to note.

  1. Find only tables where the stakes fit your bankroll needs

This comes off as a challenging situation, mostly for players who have smaller bankrolls, but if you decide to carry out the necessary studies regarding the casino you choose to play at (like slots baby), you can determine where the game's minimum stakes are.

  1. Split Aces and Eights

If you have ever seen a blackjack cheat sheet, then you may know that it is recommended for aces and eights to be split. While it may be like a bad move to split up eights, it is still a very likely way to win and even makes a neat profit.

  1. Dealer stands on Soft 17

Players should always go for tables where the dealer will stand on a soft 17 because it can have a huge impact on your bankroll. If there is a dealer that stands on Soft 17, the house edge is significantly cut and thus makes it a little bit easier for you to win.

  1. Stand when you have a hand that could bust against a dealer's card

If you realize that the dealer owns a face-up card of four, five, or even six, the best option is to stand mostly if you have a weak hand.

So, for instance, if your hand is made up of a 2 and a 10, there is a 70% likelihood that you can better your hand, but the 30% chance of busting is also there. Give the dealer the opportunity to bust and retry.

  1. Pick a table that has the double down option on offer

There is also an additional rule that can help the player reduce the house edge. While some physical and online casinos will allow players to double down a 10 or 11, you can double down on any two cards of your choice with other casinos.

If you are able to play this correctly, your bankroll will become swollen up by the double downs. Make sure that you have a great strategy in place to help lessen the house edge as much as you can.

  1. Double down with any ace against the dealer's six

A really good time to take advantage of doubling down is when you possess an ace, and the upcard of the dealer is a six. Whenever possible, you should double down in this situation except you own a soft 20. If possible, you can also double down against the 5 belonging to the dealer except when you have a soft 19 or 20.

Final thoughts on Gambling on Blackjack

Blackjack is always interesting to play, even better with the right strategy. For this reason, we recommend that you study the ones above and know them by heart. Never forget to check slots baby for other casino games. If you find the above too complicated, why not play some slot games instead?