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Best Online Slots

The world of the online slots is a very saturated one, as anyone who has played online casino slots probably well knows. There are so many different slot games to play online that finding the best ones becomes a bit of a difficult task. Sometimes it's better to take a look at recommendations of online video slots instead of going in at the deep end, whether you're one of the new players or if you've been in the online casinos game for some time.

That's why we've put together a list of the top slots to play online, in our opinion, at this stage in time. Our findings are based on a number of criteria, all of which are equally important when finding the perfect casino slot games. These are:

  • The RTP (return to player) percentage of the slots. This is, on average, how much a player can expect to receive back from the slot in terms of winnings.
  • The play experience of the gaming itself. This is down to the graphics, the theme and even the soundtrack of the slots.
  • The jackpot or the max payout of the online slots. Jackpot slots pay out in different ways and can include progressive jackpots or fixed jackpots. The max payout of slot games is usually referred to in the sense of multipliers.
  • The bonus games available to play within the slot games themselves. Sometimes these are the ways to really ramp up the winnings so are definitely worth keeping an eye on. Often, online slot bonus games are in the form of free spins rounds.

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What is the best online slots site?

It's important to pick the right online casino when playing slot games online. When one casino may offer a substantially better slots welcome bonus to players, it would be crazy to miss out. That's why we recommend Slots Baby as the slot site of choice, where you can win up to 500 free spins on your first deposit with the fantastic welcome bonus and play a wide variety of games too.

Just remember that, as usual, ts and cs apply, such as a min deposit of £10, and also that this welcome bonus is for new customers only just as welcome bonuses are for exclusive for new customers at all slots sites.

There are a bunch of different factors to think about when deciding which online casino to use - the aesthetics, the usability, the min deposit, or how much your first deposit has to be when accessing the signup offer. That being said, if you deposit £5 to get 5 bonus slot spins or deposit £20 to get 100 bonus spins, the latter option is best, right?

Is it better to bet higher on online slots?

Really, only you can decide the answer is. The bottom line is, never bet more than you can afford to bet with, and when the fun stops, stop betting. New players to slot games should start small, but if you are a more confident punter then upping the stakes can be doable. Online slot games have a minimum and maximum stake, so take a look at this before you get started.

You can win real money on online slots, but sometimes this just won't happen. Take note of the volatility or variance of a slot. If a slot game has a high volatility or variance, this means that it has strong payout potential, however it may take a lot longer for the wins to come, if they do at all. As a rule of thumb, new players may be better suited to avoid these games until they have settled in to less volatile slot games.

One circumstance where it could be better to bet higher on online slots would simply be when you're trying to fulfil the wagering requirements for a casino welcome bonus. For example, you may have to deposit £20 to get free bonus spins. In this circumstance, you could always end up winning that back but, remember that ts and cs apply such as having to play through your bonus winnings multiple times and there's never a guarantee to win. The online casinos tend to have their rights reserved.

As a disclaimer, as much as we love to play slots, it's important to play responsibly and remember that with every casino and slot game, ts and cs apply. Make sure that, when you sign up to a welcome bonus, you check the wagering requirements for your first deposit. Learn more about responsible gambling at or Google to find out about the gambling commission. Furthermore, slots and all other forms of casino are only available for those over 18 so don't try to play if you're below the minimum age.

Which online slots payout the most?

It's difficult to say, realistically. It depends if you're looking for a regular payout, or if you're looking for high winnings that come less often. One thing to pay attention to here would be the volatility of the slot games.

Video slots with high volatilities mean that the winnings may take some time to come through but when they do, they can be fairly lucrative. You may have heard of slots like Microgaming's Mega Moolah that pays out millions, but realistically this is a massive gamble as you might find yourself winning nothing at all.

On the other hand, a slot game with a lower volatility may pay out more regularly but the chances are, those winnings will be substantially smaller. For those new players looking to play online slots for the first time, these might be a good shout. Or, if you're just looking for a more chilled out gaming experience, these types of slot games online might be better for you.

Slot games with high volatilities and high payout potential are either games with high maximum wins or jackpot slots. Maximum win tends to refer to the amount your stake is multiplied by, e.g. a £5 stake maximum win on games with a 5000x maximum win will return a win of £25,000. Jackpot slots can either be fixed jackpots, where you win a certain amount, or progressive jackpots where the win is determined as a result of how much other players are staking and winning.

Another factor to consider is the RTP (Return to Player) percentage of the game as previously mentioned. The most popular online slots tend to have RTPs of over 96%, which is approximately the average rate.

All in all, there are quite a few factors to consider when deciding which online slots payout the most. That's why we've picked a few of the best slot games to play for you - they're all you need to know. That way, you can simply get gaming without having to worry! There's been a lot to happen in the world of online casino slots since Mega Moolah was released, and we've been keeping on top of it all.

Lucky Irish

Some of the best online slots to play, or those of land based slot machines, are Irish themed ones. s slot game players, we often live for the luck of the Irish. Maybe it's the aesthetics, or maybe we truly do believe on some level that leprechauns and four-leaf clovers will bring us luck as players of online slots.

All we know is that Irish themed online slot games are some of the finest slots going as they offer the best playing experience. But, it's a heavily saturated theme so make sure you choose the best game from it to suit you as a player, whether you're one of the new players or more experienced punters. One of the best, if not the best Irish-themed online slot game is Lucky Irish, developed by online slot development powerhouses Playtech.

The maximum win on offer here is a pretty massive 10,000x your stake which, if you happen to win on the maximum stake of £30, would land you a rather cool £300,000 - that's the kind of funds that can can change your life! You can also get onto the spins in this game for a much lower 30p should you be one of the players who likes to scope things out and start smaller before you start gaming for proper money.

In Irish Luck, the actual gaming experience itself is very enjoyable. The graphics themselves make this game worth playing, as while it's not the most extravagantly themed online slot, it's incredibly immersive just as we've come to expect from Playtech over the years.

One of the best parts of Lucky Irish is the Gold Pot Free Spins Bonus round. This is one of the best bonus rounds in online gaming we've that we've experienced recently, as not only do you instantly get eight bonus free spins, but they also come with a double multiplier right off the bat. On top of this, you can open up pots of gold as you play which bring in more free spins and further multipliers as you go.

To get hold of these, simply line up three bonus symbols, which are the scatters, to get your bonus spins. The bonus game here is played through another separate screen as is often the case with bonus games - it just makes you feel like you're ramping up the game play a little bit and helps you feel more engaged with the games.

Another one of this slots' bonus games that players can take advantage of is the wild, which not only plays the conventional role of replacing symbols on the reels in the hope of triggering

Cops n Robbers

It's safe to say that Playtech are some of the best online slots developers going. If you're a regular slot player you may well have heard of their classic slot machine Book of Dead, arguably one of the best online casino gaming experiences in the world.

Well, it's not just Book of Dead that Playtech have in their locker in terms of as they have a whole bunch of other fantastic casino games and slots on line in their locker too, including Cops n Robbers.

Cops n Robbers is one of those slots that focuses on beauty in simplicity. In a world of casino games with all kinds of extravagant bonus games etc. sometimes it's nice to play slots that do the simple things the best. And Cops n Robbers is definitely one of the better examples of those slots.

With five reels and 9 pay lines, you can play Cops n Robbers from as little as 9p per spin so for new players who are a little reluctant to get gaming, this is a great place to start. That being said, Cops n Robbers does come under the umbrella of pretty highly volatile slots just like we mentioned earlier, so do proceed with caution here.

Available on all devices, Cops n Robbers has some really cool bonus features that bring it out of the textbook slots domain and kind of into the video games world. Part of how Playtech have achieved this is with the Car Chase Bonus Feature where you effectively have to avoid the police in order to win free spins.

To do this, just land two or more scatter symbols on the reels (these come in the form of police cars, fittingly). Two scatter symbols will land you two free spins, three will land you three free spins, four will land you 25 free spins but five will land you a quite extraordinary 250 free spins! Whether many people have actually achieved this feat or not we are not so sure of but one thing we can say for certain is that it is a mighty impressive number, and probably just about beats that of all the other slots we have played in quite some time.

Overall, Cops n Robbers probably has just about the best free spins feature of the majority of the slots on the market. The bonus cash you can win from this is quite substantial so this

Irish Eyes

There are so many great slots in the Irish slots theme that it was impossible for us to pick just one. That's why we have also included Nextgen Gaming's Irish Eyes in our list.

Nextgen Gaming have created some great online casino games over the years as well as some slots for land based casinos. The Australian developers have been around for quite a few years but we found that the quality of their slots has improved tenfold in that time and so their new slots are definitely their best slots.

With five reels and 25 ways to win, Irish Eyes doesn't appear to be one of the most out of the ordinary slots, and quite frankly, it doesn't try to be. But, just like Cops n Robbers listed above, everything it does try to do, it does so excellently. Plus, there is plenty of cash to be won in this casino game as in the base game alone you can win 10,000x your stake right off the bat. To do this, players will need to land five of the leprechaun scatter symbol across the reels.

The money making potential doesn't stop there, though, as in Irish Eyes there are a bunch of cool slots bonuses for you to get involved with as well. One of these is the Free Spins bonus round, where players will need to land three of the bonus symbol in order to unlock. Once this has been done, you will get 12 free spins. Not quite as generous as Cops n Robbers, but it's certainly something and is also more generous than some other slots we have played recently for sure.

The second of the bonus games on offer in Irish Eyes is the Pick Me bonus game. Land the leprechaun on reels one and five (yes, the same one that can earn players 10,000x their stake by landing it on all of the reels), to enter into this slots bonus game. There, you will pick an one of three objects, each with a coin value of a different amount. Whichever object you pick will reward you with the coin amount that it represents. Pretty sweet!

You can also play the Gambling Feature where you can have the chance to double or even quadruple your winnings from any spin where you simply have to correctly guess the colour of a card, red or white, one time to double your wins. Or, if you want to quadruple, play twice over. But remember, it's risky business, as if you guess wrong then you lose all of your winnings from that spin which will certainly dampen the gaming experience for some.

Fiddle Dee Dough

This may be one of the more recognisable names of casino slot machines in our list as quite frankly, it is one of the most famous and best online slots going. And there are a few reasons for that. One of these is that it takes the form of a land based casino slot, so you may have seen it in the boozer, but it does come in as one of the best online slots as well.

Why? Well, it's a super exciting gaming experience to put it simply. It's a bit of a classic, and again, it's Irish themed. By this point you may be seeing a bit of a theme going on, but to be quite honest with you, it does tend to be the case that Irish themed slots are the best slots.

Fear not though, all of the Irish type slots in this review are carefully selected as they are all a little different from one another in terms of their features, their graphics and the overall gaming experience for the players.

Fidde Dee Dough is different again still as this is one of the more cartoony slots in our list. It's intuitive, easy to play and generally quite captivating despite maybe not having quite as stunning graphics as some of the other slots we've listed here.

Just the three reels and nine ways to win (or pay lines) in this slot where you simply line up Irish themed symbols in order to win cash prizes that come in the form of your stake multiplied by the value of the symbols that you have lined up.

Just like in Irish Eyes, the leprechaun is the scatter symbol here except this time around he's a little more smiley and cuter in his design. Landing three of him on the reels will trigger the bonus round where you'll get an extra 8 free spins for your troubles.

There is actually a second scatter symbol in Fiddle Dee Dough though, and that's a little unusual in the world of slots. Landing three of this scatter will trigger an extra game within the slot where you can win prizes by simply choosing one of three items. These prizes will be worth up to 111x your stake which is quite cool indeed.

While there isn't a whole tonne going on in terms of slots features etc. in Fiddle Dee Dough, we have picked it for this article for two different reasons. One of these is the plain and simple fact that it is just a classic, so for the experience it has to be worth playing. Another is the fact that it's easy to play, so for new players to slot machines this is definitely worth a go. It's low on the volatility scale too so there's less chance of losing a bunch of money/

Fiddle Dee Dough may not be the best slot of all time but there's something incredibly charming about it and that is why we recommend it so highly.

White Wizard

The Australian slots developers Eyecon Gaming, based out of Brisbane, create some of our favourite slots for playing online. Yes, it's a little different from the Irish themed slots of before so if you're looking to stay away from that domain then stick with us here.

White Wizard is one of the better fantasy themed video slots. Yes, it is another slots theme that's a little saturated but White Wizard sticks out as it is simply one of the best online slots to play. You can even win up to a massive 400 free spins in the process, which is up there with the most generous offerings of all-time slots.

This is achieved by re-triggering the free spins found in the bonus game of this slot. And to access that bonus game, you'll need to land three or more of the dragon scatter. Three will earn you 15 spins, four will earn you 20 free spins and five will earn you a lovely 25 free spins. Again, all of these can be re-triggered to the tune of a massive 400 bonus spins.

The payouts on offer here can also be to the tune of five, 15 or 300x your stake so when we say that there's money to be made in this slot we are not joking! Plus, during the free spins the White Wizard himself will expand every now and then and turn one reel completely wild, meaning that it becomes much easier to land winning combinations straight away.

Bare in mind, this is one of the highly volatile slots we've been mentioning so don't go into this thinking that it's going to start raining cash right off the bat as it's not quite as simple as that unfortunately.

Regardless, this is absolutely one of the best online slots to play so a big thumbs up from us! Players can get stuck in from anywhere between 25p and £12.50 to get spinning across any number of devices.

Burning Desire

You may well have heard of Microgaming. In fact, we'd be surprised if you hadn't done. They're one of the real power-developers, with huge slots to their name such as Rainbow Riches, one of the most famous slots of all time. This is one of the land based casino games that you will likely have seen in the casino, the pub or anywhere else you might find stand up slots as it is one of the most popular games of all time.

Microgaming also have the license for the Big Time Gaming Megaways engine, arguably the best reel mechanics engine for all slots online. They haven't used it Burning Desire, but fear not, this one still ranks with the very best of video slots. The standard reel layout of five reels and three rows boasts a much higher than average 243 ways to win. That's a higher number of ways to win in the base game of most slots we've looked at, including those in this article in fact.

Burning Desire can be categorised under the 'classic' umbrella of slots themes as it uses the classic Royals symbols for the lower values: 9, 10, J, Q, K and A, followed by higher valued symbols of a burning rose, a red BAR, a seven and then the highest value symbol of all, the burning red diamond which pays a very handsome 300x your stake to players should they be lucky enough to land five in a row.

The bonus game on offer in Burning Desire is triggered by landing three or more gold scatter symbols on the reels. This gives a pretty generous 15 free spins straight away, although they don't come with any extra bonuses and there are no other bonus games within the game here.

Classic slots are great gaming experiences for vintage punters and new players alike as the gaming tends to be nice and simple which you just have to love. It also gives the nostalgia of the old school casino which is part of the whole charm of gambling, and slots, full stop.

Something quite interesting about Burning Desire is the substantial betting range. You can stake anywhere between 25p and a crazy £500 per spin on this one. We can't imagine many punters wanting to put that amount of money on the slots in one go, but we imagine that there's a reason for them doing this. We're not even sure, in fact, that many online casinos would be able to handle that amount of staking but here we are - Microgaming, everybody!

Last Thoughts on the Best Online Slots

So, there you have it. A comprehensive list of the top slots we've been playing. Some of these are down mostly to their awesome gaming experience, some of them to the crazy money you can earn within them, but believe us when we say that the bottom line is, they are all cracking slots.

What's more, the majority of these online slot games are available to play on all devices. That means you can play them on mobile phones, tablets, laptops or desktop computers for the most part. Do just that at online slots casino Slots Baby and take advantage of their fantastic slots signup bonus in the process. You may even win a whole tonne of free spins in doing so by placing the min deposit of £10 and spinning the wheel of rewards.

These days, you don't even need to go to the casino to play slot games as there are so many slot games online now you can get gaming from home, or take the gaming on the road with you and play on your mobile phone. Your phone can literally be a casino in itself as there are literally thousands of games available to play right at your fingertips, plus thousands if online casino sites to choose from as well. That's why it's important to sign up with the right casino in the first place. Base that decision on their min deposit, the selection of games on offer (not just slots!), and the overall gaming experience to the customers.

The deposit bonus at Slots Baby is transferrable to other casino games too, so even if you don't want to play the best online slot machines, you can use your bonus funds in bingo, roulette or blackjack to name a few. Just remember, as always, terms apply so make sure you check those out before getting started in all cases of online gambling.