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Atlantic City Blackjack Review

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Atlantic City Blackjack by Microgaming is now available to play on online slot sites like Slots Baby, the online casino that offers all the new slots. It’s the perfect table game for you if you’ve been craving a taste of Atlantic City.

Atlantic City Blackjack is one of the best table games by Microgaming. If you’ve played these games before, then you know it’s true what they say that Microgaming has the best table games.

Sometimes it’s nice to try something different from the same old blackjack that you know and love. Atlantic City Blackjack is it. See more on what you can expect from this online table game below.

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About Microgaming - Pioneers Behind Blackjack Atlantic City

All of Microgaming’s new online slots games are now available on Slots Baby. Play them now. The developer is known for its high-quality slot games, but did you know that Microgaming has got the best table games in the industry? Atlantic City Blackjack is proof. Microgaming table games include sharp and clear designs allowing you not to miss a beat in the game.

Playing Atlantic City Blackjack - What to Expect

Atlantic City Blackjack is a unique variant of blackjack that is now available to play on Slots Baby, online casino for all the new slots. The cards here are dealt out of a shoe that consists of 8 decks that include all the usual playing cards.

Every player on the table makes a bet and receives a two-card hand that is dealt face up. The dealer also receives a hand with one card facing up and another card facing down (this one is usually referred to as the hole card).

Each card in the game bears a certain amount of points. All the numbered cards equal the same printed value on them, while all the other face cards come bearing 10 points. The A’s in the game are worth 1 or 11 points and usually depend on what is more beneficial for that particular hand. The objective of a player in the game is to beat the dealer by having a hand that’s close to 21 or one that’s over, but not one exceeding 21.

A blackjack is the best starting hand and it’s usually comprised of an A and a card with 10 points. The “natural 21” will pay out at 3:2 odds, unless the dealer makes one for himself. If the dealer has an A or card with 10 points at the start of the hand, it will be their cue to check whether they have a blackjack.

If they have an A, this increases the odds of them completing a hand. At this point, the players have the option to claim insurance. The dealer will make this clear verbally. If the dealer reveals a 10 point card, the bet ends up costing half your initial stake and pays out at a ratio of 2:1. In the event that you receive the 2:1 payout, you end up losing a hand bet, but you win the insurance. This is referred to as “even money”.

After you decide to take insurance, the dealer will do a quick check. You lose if your hand is a natural 21, but if you started out with blackjacks your hand is pushed. In all the other events, the blackjack players now become able to play the hands they’re dealt. A wide variety of options are offered to some players, but they can’t have access to all of them all the time. You get to decide when to hit, double down, stand, surrender or split. The player’s turn comes to an end once they surrender or when the hand becomes worth 22 points or over. If you end up in that last scenario, we can say that you have ‘gone bust’, ‘busted’, or lost.

Once all players have gone through their turns, the dealer will reveal their face down card. If they’ve hit with 16 or less or stand at 17 or more, they will make this known to the players. If he ends up with a bust, all the remaining player bets on the table are immediately paid out at even money. If he lands at 17 or more, his hand will get compared to another player to see who’s won.

Our Verdict on Atlantic City Blackjack

Slots Baby is the online casino everyone goes to play all the new slots, but now they offer table games by Microgaming too. Atlantic City Blackjack is one of the best variants of blackjack out there and true fans of the game will agree. If you’ve never played it before, check it out on Slots Baby now.

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