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Twin Spin is a superb new online slot sites game from NetEnt gaming. Twins are amazing. They’re genetically identical but have their own, distinct personalities. They often have an incredibly close relationship, at times bordering on symbiotic. So much so, that they’ve been the subject of extensive scientific study, are known to have developed their own secret languages in infancy, and sometimes report being able to feel each other’s emotions and physical sensations, even when miles apart.  Also, they can pose as each other to sit school exams, which must be a great side-benefit.  Two is, undoubtedly, better than one, and NetEnt clearly had this in mind when they developed their wildly popular Twin Spin game. Twin Spin is your classic slots experience, with an ingenious twist.  It’s amazing what a difference ‘doubling up’ can make.  A double bed is inarguably superior to a single.  A double-decker bus offers twice as much travel potential as a single-decker.  ‘Double bubble’ pays twice as much as an ordinary day’s work.  It’s this sort of exponential power that makes Twin Spin casino games twice as impressive as your run-of-the-mill slots classic.

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A Top Slot Online from NetEnt

Based in Stockholm, NetEnt is a well-established, highly-regarded online slots company that consistently delivers creative and cutting-edge games of quality and style, which has all been delivered with this slot Twin Spin. Once known as Net Entertainment, their shortened name still encapsulates precisely what they offer – punchy, streamlined online entertainment.  They’ve built their reputation on a crack-proof concrete foundation of experience in the online casino world, with their casino module voted one of the top 20 in 2006.  Since then, they’ve made a huge impact on the online slots scene, carving out their place as true creative pioneers and consistent providers of fresh and popular content. 

Every one of their games has a strong narrative and a distinctive visual panache, which serves to draw the player into their unique, quirky, and colourful universe.  Their game concepts and designs, however, are always underpinned with in-depth, rewarding gameplay that pays real tribute to the serious, experienced slots player.

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All these and more are set-apart by their engaging themes, state-of-the-art graphics and animations, and innovative bonus features.

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Playing this 5 Star Rated Slot Game

Twin Spins demonstrates perfectly that a simple design concept can make a spectacular game.  Its title screen summarises the game perfectly, with concise information on its winning opportunities, and the idea behind the ‘twin reels’ mechanic.  The reels on Twin Spin are sleek, shiny black, and   The S of ‘Spin’ in the title is similar to a dollar sign, which perfectly expresses the aim of the game.  The symbols that spin on the five reels are all perfectly classic slots images.  These include glossy red cherries (in pairs, in keeping with the ‘Twin’ theme of the game), large glistening diamonds, traditional ‘BAR’ symbols, bells, and polished red ‘7’s. These are accompanied by the As, Ks, Qs, Js, 10s, and 9s you might expect from a pack of playing cards.

The background music on Twin Spin is an incredibly funky groove with a catchy, syncopated drum rhythm, that adds an extra touch of style to the proceedings.  The sound effects only enhance the atmosphere and add to the vivid impression of playing a real-world slot machine.  Spins make a pleasing ‘bleep’, the reels fall into place with a realistic ‘click’ sound, and wins are accompanied by a cosmic ‘zap’ that gives you a genuine sense of achievement.

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Bonus Features and Free Spins

Twin Spin is truly defined by its two bonus features, the first of which is game-changing:

  • TWIN REEL Feature – this is what characterises the game, and it’s a simple but clever twist on your traditional slot machine. Every spin starts with identical, adjacent, linked twin reels, which can appear anywhere across the five reels.  As the spin progresses, the twin reels can expand to encompass up to all five reels, tripling, quadrupling, or quintet… making for some spectacular winning combinations.
  • WILDS – though the Twin Reel Feature is the most prominent, there are WILD symbols through-out Twin Spin. They can take the place of any other symbol on the reels to form wins.

These might seem like sparse offerings on the bonus front, but even a short sample of Twin Spin’s double delights proves that this duo of features is all you need to drive a brilliant game.  There are few distractions from the simple joy of playing, and you wait on tenterhooks to see how far your double reels will expand across the board.  With 243 bet ways to maximise your wins, Twin Spin is bound to appeal to the serious slots gamer.  The appealing graphics and simple concept, however, make it easy for the casual or curious player to dip into for minutes at a time, pursuing smaller wins, or taking it for a short test-run.  The Twin Spin Autoplay feature, too, lets you sit back and relax for up to 1000 automatic spins.  

The look and feel of Twin Spin is also top-notch.  It’s easy to get lost in the swanky, Vegas atmosphere created by the slick black reels, the flashing lights, and the bold, retro interface.  Simulated lights feature largely in the graphics, and to great effect.  Linked reels glow from behind with red light, and wins surround symbols with moving white lights, as the interior of the symbols flash orange.  It’s almost as though there are tiny bulbs set behind the screen, which, again, contributes to the sense of playing a physical slot machine.  You might be in a bustling Vegas arcade, feeding lucky quarters into an old-style machine, surrounded by the electric buzz of hundreds of other slots enthusiasts, waiting for the headlining act to commence on stage.         

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Twin Spin is everything you look for in an old-school slots game.  It marries a retro style with a sleek, glossy finish that brings it bang up-to-date.  It’s a visually impressive and potentially lucrative package.  Most importantly, though, it provides a tantalizing twist, with its twin-reel feature, doubling up the winning chances, and doubling up the fun.  This, ironically enough, makes it truly one of a kind. If you enjoyed Twin Spin then you might also like Dolphins Island.