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Who’d have thought that Scrooge would be so generous as to give players some rather generous cash prizes! What’s that? He isn’t? Well stealing from the rich isn’t necessarily a bad thing is it, especially when someone like Scrooge is the mark in this mission. He’ll no doubt be saying a couple of bah humbugs when he realises where all of his money’s gone.

From developers Microgaming, introducing: Scrooge, the online slot that takes the player through past, present and future in order to build up some rather cheeky cash prizes. This is a 5 reel over 50 pay-line slot that is chocked full of added incentives for players to continue their Scrooge experiences even after the reels have stopped spinning. The xmas dinner bonus round is a clear highlight in this slot, in this feature players can trigger free spins with additional double wins.

Expect wilds, scatters, free games and much much more! Xmas Dinner Bonus round and a uniquely triggered free spins round with double wins.

About the Developer

Although there is the word ‘micro’ in their name, don't believe for a second that this is a metaphor for the type of developers Microgaming are. With an established catalogue of online gaming titles, Microgaming have proven time and time again why they should be your go too game devs for entertaining experiences of the bright and colourful side.

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About the Game

With this slot possessing 50 pay-lines, there will no doubt be a bombardment of different winning combinations at play here. These pay-lines are not fixed. So if this is too many pay-lines then you can drop them down to fit a simpler agenda. To begin this slot simply select the amount of pay-lines and place your bets. Bets can be placed from as little as 0.01 (if you did bet that then one could argue that you’re a Scrooge, just saying). Maximum stakes in Scrooge can go as high as 250.00, which is a very big amount which will equal a rather big cash pay-out if you succeed i  winning with these stakes.

The aforementioned xmas dinner bonus round is triggered whenever there is 3 or more different scatter symbols appearing on the reeks. Once this feature is triggered, players will be transported to an alternate screen where they will be sitting at a rather Dickensian dinner table. In this feature it is your job to feed the very hungry characters sitting at the table with you. Every dish you serve here adds a different multiplier to your overall score, giving you 5 chances to win big.

The Verdict

Scrooge has never been so generous in this appropriately titled slot. There have been many different carnations of the character of Scrooge, it’s actually a welcome change seeing him in slot form where one can actually take the money that he owes them firsthand. Everything from bonus features, to gameplay, everything has a place in telling a specific story. We encourage you play this slot out for yourself, and who knows, you might have found your new favourite slot. 8/10

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