Santa Paws

In Santa Paws it is always the season to be jolly. This xmas themed slot is one that places our good friend: Jolly ol Saint Nick in dog form. A great take on the Christmas theme overall. We for sure aren’t complaining about a change in the system! Santa Paws is a 5 reel by 20 pay-line slot that takes players on a walk of epic proportions. Long story short: dogs love Christmas, go play.

Yes there is a cheesy theme at play here, but what this online slot is heart. Heart cannot be crafted, heart is something that only appears once it is open to outside eyes. Developers Microgaming have heart in this slot, so remember that before you start judging. If you can suspend your expectations and your disbelief, you will find yourself playing this slot for a very long time. Keep in mind that there is also a lot of bonus features at play here, including a 7x multiplier in free games as well as jackpots that can push scores as high as 4,000!

About the Developer

Opening it’s doors all the way back in 1994, Microgaming is one the oldest and most progressive game companies in the entire world. After the release of their Viper software in 2002, the company saw itself sail to new heights to both players and their peers alike. Over the past 10 years Microgaming has paid out more than 100 million in jackpots since it’s inception. Now that’s impressive.

About the Game

Microgaming are being incredibly nice this Christmas, offering many different avenues for high cash pay-outs across these reels. Like many slots in the Microgaming catalogue, Santa Paws features two different wild symbols for players to chase, both of which replace other symbols on the reels except for the scatter which takes the shape of a rather happy-go-lucky penguin.

The first of the wild symbols happens to be an interesting take on the character of Rudolph, normally a reindeer but in this case an orca whale with antlers strapped to its head, and a red nose (we can only imagine is stuck on with pritt stick). The other wild at play happens to be the logo for this slot itself! The Santa Paws symbol is the second wild that features up to 4,000x the line bet!

The gamble feature in this slot is yet another incentive to continue playing. In order to utilise this feature all you need to do is simply win on any of the reels and you will have banked up a bit of currency, from there players can choose to gamble their pot in hope of winning a grander amount. This is a great feature, although it should be stated that you should be confident in your decision to gamble, as there is a possibility of losing it all.

The Verdict

Santa Paws is a Christmas themed slot done right. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of offerings out there for Christmas themed experiences. Whether or not they meet your expectations is completely up to you and what you want out of your online slot games. For us we enjoy themes that help drive a story, and in Santa Paws that theme expertly keeps you fixated on the screen for countless runs of the reels. 8/10